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January 25, 2015

I am one of those people that shop anywhere and everywhere, I tend to go after sales. In return with being persistent, I end up finding treasures on a budget. 

Shaggy Vest: I got this lovely piece from Boohoo!! I have been wanting a similar to the Free People Faithful Shaggy Jacket, but my pockets aren't that deep yet, haha. Sooo I opted for an inexpensive option and got this one from Boohoo. Although I would have preferred it to have sleeves this one will do for now, I am actually excited to see how I will style it. It would look lovely with bell sleeves.
PacSun: OKAYYY! So this honestly has to be my favorite item for this month. These Bell pants give me some Jimi Hendrix and Fela Kuti fever. I initially saw them on sale online  for $17.99 but only available in a large. I went to the Pacsun the same day to see if they were selling it for that price and had a smaller size and if so, I would get it. I got there and saw my size BUT they were selling it for the original price of $44.99. At this point it was a no brainer, I of course ordered the ones online even though they were like two sizes bigger, that is what sewing machines are for. I also ordered another pair of bell bottoms but they sadly sent me the wrong one which were mid rise and looked nothing like what I had ordered. Plus the pants were mid rise and I'm not about that life, high rise all the way. So I will be returning them. 
Forever21: I am a HAT LADY! I love my brim hats so when I saw this one at Forever 21 I snagged it right away, plus I don't have anything like this color in my wardrobe. 
Lime Crime: Besides being a HAT lady, I am also a LIPSTICK lady. I recently ordered the  Lime Crime Velvetine Salem Matte lip gloss. This is a really nice nude shade for all the Chocolate Queens out there. I am looking forward to showing you guys how it looks on me!

Have a wonderful week ahead, Stay Positive and Keep Good Company! 

How Would You Wear | Ankara

January 20, 2015

This month, I participated in another round of Diane's "How Would you Wear" series. This months style choice featured Ankara Fabric. One of my favoirte blogs to follow closely that covers Ankara fashion is All Thing Ankara by Bille Jean. I get so inspired by all the vibrant fabric and designs that designers come up with using Ankara fabric.
There is no doubt that Ankara is in right now, these days, you can find celebrities like Beyonce, Solange and Elle Varner incorporating it into their everyday wear. If you were to go to my moms closet you would see her wardrobe filled with plenty of Ankara outfits.This fabric has been around for a long time within the African culture, mostly West and Central.
I plan on wearing Ankara pretty much all Spring, the 100% cotton material makes your garments breathable. For my outfit, I made the bralette then sewed the remaining fabric onto the jeans. I threw over the oversized cardigan because it was freezing outside.
Check out how the other stylish ladies styled their Ankara outfits, so lovely!!!


CollegeFashionista: Meet Efe Abugo

January 13, 2015

Efe's Photography taken from his Tumblr
 This humble well dressed fella goes by the name of Efe Abugo. Baltimore born, but let's not forget those Nigerian roots, is muchly talented with a sharp eye for the lens. He is today's feature for my article on CollegeFashionista. This is now Efe's fifth year dabbling into photography. He started taking photos just on his Iphone (started from the bottom now we here) and has grown tremendously . Please make sure to check out his work
Major: Public Relations w/ an interest in Fashion Photography
Whats Inspires your style?
My life experiences definitely play the biggest part in my style. I always went to schools where I wore the entire dress pants, button up shirt and tie ensemble. Through every step of my education, I also played one sport or another. I really feel as if that background laid the foundation for the clothes I wear today. I always find myself reaching for more formal attire that is clean cut, neutral and athletic in build. I definitely draw inspiration from designers such as Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler, Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy and Yohji Yamamoto. All in all, I just try to stay true to myself. There is no point in following trends. As the saying goes, to lead the orchestra, you must turn your back on your crowd.

What fall trend are you really into?
I am really into overcoats. They add the final touch to an outfit I don't feel any other type of outerwear offers. I think they provide a certain depth to an outfit any fashion enthusiast desires.

What is your staple item in your wardrobe this time of the year?
The staple item in my wardrobe right now is definitely my tan I Love Ugly Smart Pants. The clean, tapered cut paired with the soft, neutral color make them a perfect fit for almost any outfit.
What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always strive for creativity within your clothing. Your style is a chance to express yourself. Everyday is another opportunity to put an outfit together that you will truly love.”


January 6, 2015

KENZO Jacket| Thrift Store   Cobalt Pants| Thrift Store    Oxfords|    Blouse| Charmaines Closet

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! **Throws up imaginary confetti** This year is going to be GREAT, I am claiming it. I have so much planned for my blog and online store, which means you will be seeing more of me on here. I recently got an internship as a style guru on CollegeFashionista. Apart from my regular post here, I will be posting on my blog every Tuesday for articles that I write on the CollegeFashionista site. This includes outfits I wear but mostly outfits of college students on campus and around the campus town...SO EXCITING!!! Go ahead and check out my first post, feel free to also create an account to keep up with  me and other Fashionista/to
So this jacket has been in my closet for a while since purchasing it last winter, I finally found a perfect outfit to wear it with. I feel like the luckiest GAL to have found a KENZO vintage jacket at the thrift store for $9!!!!!!!! Oh Yeahhhh! Its quite big on me, like two to three sizes big but I'm not complaining. I couldn't resist the bargain for such a timeless piece. I am determined to find more pieces to wear with the jacket. Anywho, Im off! Where too...not so sure. Much Love!