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Laced to the Tea

November 7, 2011

My shoe collection seems to be  growing more and more these days. I recently ordered some high knee boots from, these are my first pair of high knee boots, I seem to stick to ankle/ mid calf boots but these boots were an exception. What I love most about these boots are the lace up detail and the rusty look. I've seen many high knew boots but known with the lace up detail, which I think is so unique.

Next item on my wish list for boots will be Chelseas with studs. Most of the ones I have seem so far are pricey for my budget( like the ones in the picture below). I hope to get lucky and see them at a thrift store but that would be rare knowing I'm a size 10. I have high hopes for my search of Chelsea boots for a good price.
Topshop STUD CHELSEA BOOTS $200.00$ja=tsid:21416|prd:Hy3bqNL2jtQ

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