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LOOKBOOK Spotlight: Dana

November 22, 2011

 This weeks LOOKBOOK spotlight features Dana from Seattle. She's a fifteen year old with a great eye for fashion. I love how she mixes  goodwill pieces with modern pieces to create a unique look. Her style is a total reflection of outfits I wouldn't mind wearing. She was so kind enough to answer a couple of questions I had for her!

Name: Dana
Age: 15
Where are you from: Seattle
Where do you get your style inspiration from: Tumblr, other fashion blogs, and my fabulous friends!
Do you have a style icon: I don't really have anyone in particular, but I do love Alexa Chung, Mary Kate and Ashley, and Miley Cyrus's style.
How would you describe your style: I'm not really sure how to answer this.. some days it's more boho, some days more urban, and some days I like to just dress like an old man!
Where is your favorite place to shop: GoodWill!
What is one item that you can't wait to buy: I would love a faux fur collar
What interests you about fashion: I love that fashion is a way to express yourself on a daily basis. It makes every day a little more fun.
What is your #1 fall must have in your wardrobe: It would have to be either big sweaters, or high waisted shorts.

Any word of advice for those trying to find their personal style: Just wear what you love and what you are comfortable in. Don't listen to what anyone else thinks!



  1. how much i love this chick and her style hurts..

    ugh, love. <3

  2. Lol. I think were both in the same boat, haha.