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OOTD: Let the leaves fall down, Im coming clean!

November 21, 2011

I made theses earrings, I was going to order something very similar at but I just decided to save some money and try making them myself. I thought it came out pretty good, this project inspired me to do more DIY projects. Every piece from this earring was taken from items I found in my room. The chain piece I got from a feather hair extension, the cross pendant was actually from a necklace and the circle helix earrings I took from my jewelry organizer. It was used to help zip it closed.
These have to be my favorite pair of denim jeans, surprisingly I was a bit skeptical when purchasing them, but I'm glad I did, THEY ARE AWESOME!

Top ROSS        Blazer:Thrift store       Denim Jeans:T.J. Maxx       Shoes:Target       Purse:T.J. Maxx       Necklace: Mark

 The leaves on the trees have pretty much fallen off, and all I get pleasure in doing is throwing them in the air and just standing there as they fall down. I wish I could just collect all the pretty ones and preserve them in my basement or something XD I hope everyone had a great day. *FancySmooches*

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