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Christmas Party

December 20, 2011

Their were lots of SWEETS at the party !

Ew, "We weren't ready for the photo" Ahaa

Alex and I :)

(Right to Left) Rachel, April, Nikki, Toni

Rachel and I, (Nikki and Lizel CREEPING in the background), hahah

Charity and Toni 


Charles Angels Pose, hahah

Lizel, Toni and Nikki

Came out blurry :/ but I still love the picture!

My Pearls


Savitri and I
                                              Leather Dress- H&M
                                          Teal Blazer- Forever 21
                                                Earrings- AVON
                                              Necklace- T.J. Maxx
                                      Madden Girl Wedges-T.J. Maxx

I recently went to a Christmas party and saw so many of my friends that I hadn't seen since last July. It was nice to reconnect with others and see what people were up to. The evening was filled with laughter, sweets and fun. I just love Christmas *FancySmooches*

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