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H & M Blazers

December 8, 2011

Size 4

Size 2
I have a serious obsession with blazers! I think blazers are such a great staple piece in your wardrobe, it can dress up an outfit instantly. I recently went to H&M and purchased these blazers for an awesome price of 24.95 each! "What a great buy". Most of the ones I've seen were like $30 dollars or more and weren't long enough for me, I'm quite tall. I used my $5 dollar gift card from H&M  that I got on Black Friday after I bought something from there. The pink one is a size (4) and the colbat blue one was is a size (2). Size (2) fits better but they didn't have that size in the cobalt blue color so I settled for a size (4). Over all I'm happy with my purchase. I think I now have like 18 blazers and counting! *FancySmooches*


  1. I LOVE the blazers! I've been wanting the pink one forever but there's no H&M in my town =(

  2. Thank you,
    Aw that sux, hopefully you can find it at another store I got lucky with the pink one, it barley is my size :)