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You Don't Say....

December 14, 2011

     Hey Guys!!!! I haven't been blogging and posting as many Youtube videos as I would like. That's only because I've been studying for my finals. My books and I, have been getting to know each other a bit more over the past few weeks. I've been so caught up in my school work, it's crazy. I've taken four of my finals so far and I have one more to go. I can't believe my first semester in college is almost over, it sure went by fast. I will have a lot of days off  after the semester is over, so I plan on getting back on track with posting things. I ordered a new camera, WHOO-HOO! I been wanting my OWN for thee longest time, it's an early Christmas present for myself.
    I seriously miss posting things everyday or every other day. Today I managed to snap a few pictures of my outfit that I wore. The blazer in the photo I recently purchased from Forever 21,(Another blazer?.. I know, I have a problem. BLAZER ADDICTION) I thought the color was really pretty and fresh.*FancySmooches*


  1. You look beautiful i love your blazer x

  2. Thank you so much, :) I now follow your blog, its very nice and interesting!