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Seasons Greetings!

December 26, 2012

So Christmas has come and gone, it went by as fast as it came! I spent Christmas with my mom as it also was her birthday, and that in itself was truly was the best gift I could ask for! These are a couple of photos that I took at a Christmas party that I went to last week! It was so much fun!!! Alot of the people there I hadn't seen in awhile so it was nice to play catch up and reminisce on old stories.

Its snowing today, I will probably spend the day fraying some shorts for my online store and preparing to mail out the prizes to the winners of the giveaway  I held a few months ago (I appreciate there patience so much, ahah) Have a lovely day everyone!
*Fancy Smooches*

YUNA | Live Your Life

December 18, 2012

Velvet Dress|Thrift Store/DIY   Hat&Purse|Thrift Store   Boots|JC Penny    Faux fur chain|Vendors

My semester officially ended Saturday night when I submitted my last Economics assignment, ahhhh, **relief**. I feel like I have a bit of time on my hands, it's like, "what to do first". I can't believe Christmas is a week from now, WOW! It's also my mothers birthday, so it's going to be LOVELY.
 I got this divine velvet dress from my local thrift store, I reconstructed it by adding a lace collar and a vintage heart shaped button. The length of the dress was above my knees,so I hemmed it. I love how it turned out. I am loving velvet at thee moment, especially around this time of the year, anyone else?  So my productive day began when I entered to win Ed Sherran tickets from my local radio show, he is coming to Maryland to perform in January, its a SOLD OUT show and I am really hoping that I win them. If I do, I would also get an opportunity to meet him back stage **FAINTS** I have my fingers crossed!!!
I saw this beautiful TOPSHOP tube skirt on the Nordstrom website, I'm really thinking about getting it, I already  have Nordstrom gift card that has been chilling in my wallet for literally a year now so I think..........IT'S TIME. I usually prefer flare and flowy skirts, I am so foreign to tube skirts but the FUN galaxy print makes me want to give it a try!
I will talk to you guys soon, I am going to a Christmas party this week, so expect loads of pictures in my next post!
*Fancy Smooches*

Anything Could Happen

December 12, 2012

Lovely Fancy Muffin customer
Long time no blog, I seriously can't believe it has been a month since I last blogged and yes, I went through a bit of withdrawal. Everyday I logged onto my Blogger account, but it was a bit depressing to know that I couldn't post anything due to the fact that I had NO TIME. I didn't expect this semester to be sooooo busy for me but it is almost over (Thank Goodness). I take my last exam on Friday, WOO-HOO then my Holiday break begins.
I am sure some of you guys are wondering about the photos above, well last week, I had the great opportunity of selling some of my handmade goodies for "Vendor's Day" at my college, how cool is that! I displayed all my shorts that I had previously made during the summer and also some newly made tie dye shirts. I have improved on my tie dying skills after practicing again and again, but the only thing suffering from this is my carpet, their are some dye stains here and there,ahahh. 
The event was really fun. I sold some stuff and told others about what love to do. I can't wait for my online store to open next year SPRING/SUMMER time,....I know what I will be doing during my Holiday break.


November 8, 2012

LOOK | one
Blazer | Thrift Store      Top&Pants| T..J. Maxx        NeckTie|DIY        Earring&Shoes|F21      Clutch| Mother's

LOOK |  two
Blazer, Top & Hat| Thrift Store   Skirt&Collar necklace| H&M     Creepers | Amazon    Bag | ROSS

LOOK | three

Blazer, Top & Hat | Thrift Store      Jeans&Chelsea boots |H&M     Necklace | Gift
The "college struggle" is real, I just noticed that I only posted three times during October last month. So far that seemed to be my busiest month of the year for me. Ahh, Thanksgiving break is slowly coming up, I can't wait for the that. I have loads of projects dues in the next two weeks, which should be fun. I find myself productive when I have a "to do list," and at the moment, the list is looking very long, hahh.

"I’ve learned that I prefer the stress of trying to do everything I want, to the stress of wondering if I should do everything I want."            -Tavi Gevinson

Guess who finally found a TARTAN blazer **raises hand**. I picked up this great style steal at the thrift store near where I live for only $4...SCORE! Surprisingly it was in my size as most ones aren't. I was just telling my friend the other day how I really wanted one so yay for me. I would have been head over heels if the blazer came with matching bottoms, similar to the ones HERE  at Topshop! The thought of it just gives me fashion chills,hahh. When it came time to styling this blazer, the choices were infinity. I had so many options with what to style it with, I thought I would just do a Styling post! Which outfit is your favorite?

I don't think I have mentioned this to you guys but I also blog for my college which is super exciting, make sure to check out my blog post on campus fashion. I post on there every Thursday!

COMPLIMENTARY colors | Yellow&Red

October 24, 2012

Blouse|WetSeal    Skirt&Jacket|F21   Flatforms|EBAY   Clutch|Mothers    Hat|Thrift Store
I don't think their is anytime besides Fall season that I admire nature so much.  I just want to take a plastic trash bag and collect all the different colored leaves and keep them in hopes to preserve them because they give me so much joy! I just love Fall!!
If there is anything you long for "DON'T STOP BELIEVING," with that being said, I have been wanting a red wool hat for thee longest time. My other hats I own range from a variety of darker colors so I wanted to expand my selection. Last week, I went to a new thrift store further away from where I live and found this vintage red one for only $6.98, I say only because the hat was very sturdy and is in perfect condition, definitely a deal...SCORE! This hat is the biggest one I own by far but I love it, it 's so unique, so yeah my hat collection is growing, hah. I just love finding new thrift stores, it's like  exploring a big treasure chest that has loads of goodies for inexpensive prices compared to malls or departments stores. This is what I wore on Monday, don't be fooled by the sunlight action going on in these photos, it was a bit chilly but I took complete advantage of the sunlight and decided to wear red and yellow, which are two colors that I think really compliment each other.
I busted out my red flatforms as it match perfectly with the red hat. My embarrassing moment on Monday happened when I was on campus walking from a class that had just ended and I tripped on my flatforms before I reached the steps, hahah! It's funny because I knew it was bound to happen that day because I am just clumsy but I didn't think it would happen in front of close to 100 students, ahhhh. I laughed it off then went on with my business, what to do.
I am changing a few things on my blog as far as the layout and header, so expect more future changes. I was getting really bored with the previous layout and wanted something new. I hope all is well with everyone! I will talk to you guys soon!!!

Calm and Collective

October 11, 2012

Top, Blazer| H&M   Skirt|Thrifted    Stockings, Bag|T.J. Maxx    Boots| Wet Seal    Hat| F21     Necklace|DIY
 A total change of scenery for me, I decided to take a few shots near the pier! Ahh, the atmosphere was so calming not to mention the sky during sun set, it was GORGEOUS. The best time to whip out your supscribtion to the Wall Street Journal and start reading it (hence the last picture.)
 For the love of Fall weather, I completely got my outfit inspiration from the season. The warm colors: olive, burnt orange, brown, dark blue etc. all complement each other. The blazer and top I recently got from H&M for a total of $17.00 (on sale) YUP, you can't beat that. I think its safe to say I am in love with ankle boots, this past week all I have been wearing are ankle boots. I picked up these studded brown ones earlier this month and was able to wear them around campus from class to class, comfort is key. Yesterday on campus I saw this guy that probably had the best Indie/rocker/ punk outfit that I had seen in a while, it was totally DIFFERENT and UNIQUE, and I couldn't help but chase him down to compliment him on his outfit, hahah and I was able to get a picture thanks to my friends. I am really looking forward to showing you guys in upcoming post all the campus styles that I have seen. Personal style is truly an art and a form of of an expression.
London is a no go for me unfortunately, the timing of knowing about the trip through my college was a bit late, so I guess PRIMARK will have to wait *tear tear*

Floral Graditude

October 6, 2012

Flower blouse| H&M       Skirt &Boots| T.J Maxx      Purse|Gift     Jewelry | F21

(That awkward moment when you haven't posted a blog post in while and your trying to come up with an introduction), hahahah! "Hey Guyssss, long time no" :)
I love this floral blouse from H&M, the vibrant colors make it easy to pair it with pretty much anything. I got the blouse for $15 because it was on sale. It's funny because I recently went back to H&M and saw that they had restocked some more of the blouse but were selling them for the regular price of  $30. So I guess I was lucky to pick up the last one in clearance. I really had this coral high-low skirt in mind when I bought the top, and being the floral junkie that I am, I had to get it.
 The leaves are changing color faster than I expected actually! Ahhh, nothing like blog pictures during the Fall time (my favorite)
In other news, I might be going to London for my winter break, (fingers crossed). The opportunity is offered through my college, and I would be there for two weeks taking a course that would count towards a credit. The thought of me being in London is just beyond me and totally overwhelming. I might even be able to the visit wonderful "PRIMARK," the store I wish existed in the states,haha. Just imagine all the gorgeous scenery and street style pictures I would come back with and hopefully by then I would have bought a canon camera, so the images come out clearer. I will def keep you guys posted on the trip!
My mom recently went to Pheonix and Las Vegas (yes without me, sadly missing one day off of classes would kill me.) She really enjoyed herself, between playing on slot machines, mountain climbing, sight seeing and some shopping she concluded that Las Vegas was better than New York :O I guess I will just have to wait and see if that's right when I visit Las Vegas next year. My mom brought back some nice clothing  from Phoenix  for me, all the items were really different and unique. I can't wait to style them, I'm just searching for the right pieces.  Nothing in my closet seems to do justice for the amazing items she got.

You can't seperate yourself from the world if your always with them

September 27, 2012

Collar Dress| DIY/ROSS       Belt| Thrifted       Wedges,Jacket, Earrings|F21      Backpack|ROSS 
This outfit reminds me of Wednesday from the "Adams family," her signature white collar dresses are so lovely. Anyone else use to watch the Adam's Family?, I always thought the show was very interesting, entertaining and slightly scary (I'm a scaredy cat). 
To feed my peter pan craving at the moment, I sewed on this white collar to my black lace dress The sewing isn't to perfect because I was rushing when I did it. I literally was doing my accounting HW at night and instantly stopped  doing it when I had the idea for the DIY. I guess I was itching for a DIY project, hahah. 
I have been SUPER DUPER  busy lately with school assignments and campus know, the usual school year stuff. I haven't even started making the custom shorts for the winners of my giveaway, luckily they are understanding and are being patient (thankful for that). On top of all of that, I am trying to balance getting things ready for my online store, set to start up in a few months. In the mist of everything though, I've been really enjoying the cool whether and wearing boots almost everyday. I hope to make my Fall lookbook soon and  I have a DIY  in mind that I want to record. We will see how this weekend goes.
The title from this blog post was quoted from a very inspiring youtube video that I saw this week about a young gal who started her own lipstick brand, "the Lipbar". In the video she talks about how she started her business and how pursuing your dreams while staying true to yourself, can pay off. Find your niche, what you love doing, what will help others, and work towards fulfilling it.  Check out  the video LINK below!!