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Back to The Basics...

January 30, 2012

 After this shot was taken, I fell down like 3 seconds later, hah
 AC DC shirt | T.J. Maxx
Cream Blazer | H&M
 Faux leather skirt | H&M
Tights | T.J. Maxx
Lace up boots | Rugged Wearhouse
Wool Hat | H&M

        School started today, I was on winter break for about a month and two weeks which is ALOT compared to when I was in high school. It felt weird to step on campus but all I could say was "Back to the Basics". I spent like three hours (literary) trying to pick my outfit for the first day, I just couldn't decide on what to wear but I knew that I wanted to wear my NEW skirt for sure. I ended up wearing the skirt with a band shirt and of course a blazer.
       I've been working on some DIY projects especially with denim shorts so I hope to have that up soon, and I hope everyone had a good day. Im off to do some homework (I know, already on the first day).

H&M and Forever 21 HAUL

January 29, 2012

I received a 5 dollar gift card from H&M for my next purchase
I am in love with this skirt.. Leather and pleating, it doesn't get better than that 

Hello Guys!!!! I recently went to H&M and Forever 21 to see if I could find any goodies and I did. I first went to H&M and OH MY GOSH, I love that store. Their clearance was buy one get one free so you weren't just getting a marked down item but you were getting the second item for FREE! I ended up getting a dress and a blouse. The first saw  the dress on London's Closet and I absolutely adored it, it kind of seemed impossible for the dress to still in stores but it was, never did I think that I would find it at H&M. The dress and the blouse were original fifty dollars each, but the clearance price was twenty dollars for each and lets not forget that BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale. I guess you can see it as, I bought each items for ten dollars :) I also purchased from H&M a lovely faux leather skirt with amazing pleating.  The skirt has a folding effect like a paper fan when you wear it, I LOVE it. The skirt was 24.95 (not a clearance item) which I thought was a good price. After my purchase, I was given a five dollar gift card from H&M for the month of Feburary, I WILLLL be using that soon ;)

Lastly I went to Forever21 and I don't know, I just haven't been feeling their clothes lately. The last three times I went their I ended up just buying accessories and jewelry. Sometimes  for me, it's a hit a miss with Forever21 clothes. I just got two hats and a pair vintage looking earrings. I'm happy i found some wool hats. I'm sure my burg handy and black hats are like "finally she can give us a break", hahah. Well that concludes my mini haul :) I didn't get much, well at least I don't think I did! 
Second semester of college starts Monday, I wonder what I'm going to wear? Hah

"I Love Your Blog" Award

January 27, 2012

THANK YOU Olivia very much for awarding this to me :D It means ALOT!

1) Add the Logo to your blog  
2) Add the link to the person who awarded you  
3) Nominate 7 other Blogs  
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5) Answer the Questions 

Whats your fav fashion magazine- Teen Vogue
Who is your fav singer/band- PSHH, It changes every week, this week is RIZZLE KICKS
Fav youtube guru- Uhmmm....Theirs too many to name, I can't choose so I'll just say myself (FancyMuffin101) ;)
Fav makeup product-I barely rarely wear makeup
Where would you like to live- Where ever my dreams take me....New York?
Fav film- Too many to name, (I never have an answer for this question)
How many shoes do you own- 34 :) and counting....
Fav color- Cobalt blue, Rust Red and Plum



Tap Tap Tapestry

January 25, 2012

 Tapestry blazer|Gift     Collar Shirt| JC Penny     High Waisted Pants|H&M     Wool Hat | H&M      Boots| Forever21
 Snake Necklace | JC Penny
             Hello my dears :) I hope everyone had a lovely day. I put together this outfit  for my Winter Lookbook on my Youtube channel and I love it. Today was my first time actually wearing it out, I just want to sleep in it, hahah... I'm being serious! Its so comfortable and chic. It's like one of those outfits you put together and you are just so proud of and only you can understand. The tapestry blazer was a gift I received about two Christmases ago and I hadn't really worn it since but now its like my favorite piece of clothing at the moment. Tomorrow I hope to do some back to school shopping for my second semester in college, which by the way starts next Monday. I hope to get some goodies [ binders, pencils, pens and CLOTHESSSSS :) ]. Talk to you guys soon ! *FancySmooches*

In the woods.....

January 24, 2012

I woke this morning to find that alll the snow had melted :/ SHOCKERRR!!! It was beautiful outside so I wore my floral maxi skirt that I got from Forever 21. I haven't worn this maxi skirt since October, so it felt good to wear it today. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures :) Oh!!!! and I uploaded a NEW Youtube video (My Winter Lookbook)  Just a couple of outfits that I plan on wearing for the winter time! What winter pieces are a must for you? *FancySmooches*


January 23, 2012

     "Present" I know, I've been missing. The cold weather that has been lingering over the couple of days has been NO JOKE, its been freezing. Today I layered my black tights and wore two layers, it sure worked for me because I didn't feel a thing. In my last couple of post I've been wearing a hat and I can't get enough them, I really need to get more. Hats are my current obsession and I have a feeling that this obsession is going to be around for a while ;)

       I'm thinking really hard about Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I don't know which one to get because their  so many to choose from but I've got my eye on the stripe Litas. Unfortunately they are sold out at the time. I'm seeing that as a good thing, so I can decide in the mean time if I really need them. We will see in time!.... ANYWHO, I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead, "Stay true to yourself in the week ahead"  *FancySmooches*

Another try at a Galaxy Print Project

January 19, 2012

 Blazer | My aunt sent it to me from Cameroon, West Africa
Velvet Pleated dress | H&M
Galaxy skirt | DIY Project
Wool hat and belt | Forever21
Sheer tight and high knee socks | T.J. Maxx
High knee boots | 

So I've been talking about doing another GALAXY project for awhile, and I finally did. Unfortunately I some how saved the videos wrongly on my computer , so when it came time to publishing the video for everyone to see, It didn't work. I tried to fix it SOOOOOOO many time. I was in DENIAL, I spent literary three days trying to some how fix it with the help of my twin brother but it didn't work. That explains my absence for not posting stuff on my blog. Today I  had to except the fact that I would have to make another one. "UGHHH" Anywho, I hope you guys like the skirt and have a lovley day! BTW I think it came out quite SPLENDID :) *FancySmooches*

Call It What You Want

January 15, 2012

Blazer | H&M
Black top | ROSS
Scarf | Mothers
Rust Maxi Skirt | Forever21
Coach Belt | from Mother
Earrings | Claires 
Chelsea Boots | H&M

Hello everyone, Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a wonderful week. I was suppose to post these pictures yesterday but I was so tired when I got back from work. I only had enough time to start editing my Youtube video that I recorded earlier that day.  My outfit  was all put together around the idea of wanting to wear the rust maxi skirt. I hadn't worn it in a while due to OVER wearing it during the summer time, Hahah. I love warm colors :)
I'm looking forward to this week coming up because my mom and I are suppose to go thirfting together. I love thrifting, you find so many good buys and going with my mom is even better because she has a sharp eye for finding unique and awesome pieces. The thrift store were going to is like forty five minutes away from where we live, I havent been there in so long. I can't wait to see what they have, which is usually alot of really good stuff.
I wish everyone a good week ahead *FancySmooches*