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Another try at a Galaxy Print Project

January 19, 2012

 Blazer | My aunt sent it to me from Cameroon, West Africa
Velvet Pleated dress | H&M
Galaxy skirt | DIY Project
Wool hat and belt | Forever21
Sheer tight and high knee socks | T.J. Maxx
High knee boots | 

So I've been talking about doing another GALAXY project for awhile, and I finally did. Unfortunately I some how saved the videos wrongly on my computer , so when it came time to publishing the video for everyone to see, It didn't work. I tried to fix it SOOOOOOO many time. I was in DENIAL, I spent literary three days trying to some how fix it with the help of my twin brother but it didn't work. That explains my absence for not posting stuff on my blog. Today I  had to except the fact that I would have to make another one. "UGHHH" Anywho, I hope you guys like the skirt and have a lovley day! BTW I think it came out quite SPLENDID :) *FancySmooches*


  1. I love that hat! And your diy skirt :)

  2. Amazing skirt! Can't wait to see the tutorial!
    Love your style girlyyy.


  3. as if the skirt is a DIY! looks soo good! will be keeping an eye out for the tutorial ;) x

  4. Really like that skirt def unique and coloufful!