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Call It What You Want

January 15, 2012

Blazer | H&M
Black top | ROSS
Scarf | Mothers
Rust Maxi Skirt | Forever21
Coach Belt | from Mother
Earrings | Claires 
Chelsea Boots | H&M

Hello everyone, Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a wonderful week. I was suppose to post these pictures yesterday but I was so tired when I got back from work. I only had enough time to start editing my Youtube video that I recorded earlier that day.  My outfit  was all put together around the idea of wanting to wear the rust maxi skirt. I hadn't worn it in a while due to OVER wearing it during the summer time, Hahah. I love warm colors :)
I'm looking forward to this week coming up because my mom and I are suppose to go thirfting together. I love thrifting, you find so many good buys and going with my mom is even better because she has a sharp eye for finding unique and awesome pieces. The thrift store were going to is like forty five minutes away from where we live, I havent been there in so long. I can't wait to see what they have, which is usually alot of really good stuff.
I wish everyone a good week ahead *FancySmooches*


  1. I love this color combination and the scarf is so cute <3

  2. this is such a pretty outfit :) the color combo is great !


  3. Your skirt is soo dreamy I LOVE it , it is gorgeous :) love it xx

  4. This is a great look! Im a lover of chelsea boots myself! Love this blog doll! Im a new follwer!

    check out my blog sometime and follow if you like!


  5. I love your skirt!
    The color combination is fab x