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H&M and Forever 21 HAUL

January 29, 2012

I received a 5 dollar gift card from H&M for my next purchase
I am in love with this skirt.. Leather and pleating, it doesn't get better than that 

Hello Guys!!!! I recently went to H&M and Forever 21 to see if I could find any goodies and I did. I first went to H&M and OH MY GOSH, I love that store. Their clearance was buy one get one free so you weren't just getting a marked down item but you were getting the second item for FREE! I ended up getting a dress and a blouse. The first saw  the dress on London's Closet and I absolutely adored it, it kind of seemed impossible for the dress to still in stores but it was, never did I think that I would find it at H&M. The dress and the blouse were original fifty dollars each, but the clearance price was twenty dollars for each and lets not forget that BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale. I guess you can see it as, I bought each items for ten dollars :) I also purchased from H&M a lovely faux leather skirt with amazing pleating.  The skirt has a folding effect like a paper fan when you wear it, I LOVE it. The skirt was 24.95 (not a clearance item) which I thought was a good price. After my purchase, I was given a five dollar gift card from H&M for the month of Feburary, I WILLLL be using that soon ;)

Lastly I went to Forever21 and I don't know, I just haven't been feeling their clothes lately. The last three times I went their I ended up just buying accessories and jewelry. Sometimes  for me, it's a hit a miss with Forever21 clothes. I just got two hats and a pair vintage looking earrings. I'm happy i found some wool hats. I'm sure my burg handy and black hats are like "finally she can give us a break", hahah. Well that concludes my mini haul :) I didn't get much, well at least I don't think I did! 
Second semester of college starts Monday, I wonder what I'm going to wear? Hah

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