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My DIY Tie Dye Shorts & The Start of Something New

January 10, 2012

OHH boy, The smile that comes to my face when I hear the words "tie dye". Tie dye is amazing and can be used in soooooo many different ways. With that being said, today I decided to dye these old shorts  my mother was going to throw away. I regret not taking a before and after shoot, because the BEFORE look was no where near how the shorts look now. The shorts don't fit me but I thought I would just recreate them into a FancyMuffin original. I'll eventually end up selling them on eBay. This spring I plan on selling a lot of tie dye wear. What do you guys think of the idea? Would you be interested in buying things that I make? Please let me know :) *FancySmooches*

BTW I plan on doing a DIY Galaxy shirt video very soon, I'll keep you posted as soon as I have it on my Youtube channel :)

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