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What A Small World

February 22, 2012

    GREETINGS!!!  I am sorry for abandoning you guys for a few days! I haven't posted something in quite sometime. School has me under a rock and I'm slowly trying to crawl out with the many assignments I have to do. College is no joke, Hahahah. This is what I wore today, which involved some TOTAL LAYERING.  The stripe top is actually  a dress, I just tucked it in into my skirt and underneath the dress I have a white button down shirt, then I wore my cream blazer most of the day. WHOOO! I was warm for sure. It's amazing the outfifts you can come up with when you just layer up.

I was going to tell you guys this some time in March but I can't wait til then. The NEWS is IM GOING TO CALIFORNIA for spring break to visit my cousin!!! She has a wonderful website on multi ethnic weddings called Wedding Nouveau. All different kinds of interracial weddings that you could ever think of, all with beautiful stories. Check it out when you get a chance, its AMAZING.
  I've only been to California once and it was for about 20 minutes, I had a connecting flight there for Hawaii. Walking though the LAX air port wasn't enough, heehee.
 I plan on taking lots of pictures, doing some recordings, site seeing, shopping and of lots more. I have like 1 month and a few days to go, so in the meantime.................


  1. Really cute outfit, I love the striped shirt and the skirt!! :)

  2. I love the striped top so much! <3

  3. Cute skirt!

  4. Beautiful outfit! It's a bit Tim Burton.

  5. Love your skirt, and love your blog!!