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OOTD+Packing for California+Mini Haul (ROSS)

March 31, 2012

 Packing for California, I am only there for a week but I'm pretty sure I have two weeks work of clothes packed. I am always thinking, "Well I might need this just in case..."
Blue Glitter Heels- $10.99                                                              Gold Glitter Heels- $12.99
Maxi Skirt $29.99                                                                       Crochet Vest-$10.99
Fringe Pruse- $10.99
   This day has finally arrived! I will be going to California in seven hours, I probably should be sleeping right now but PSHHH, I'm too excited. I tried to pack light, hence "tried" but was a fail! I keep on taking out things and adding in my suit case because I don't want to forget anything. I will take many pictures and videos while I'm up there, I also will be taking my laptop with me so I continue to blog and mostly complete my assignments  my lovely professors gave me over break, ahah!
   The AWESOME glitter shoes are from ROSS, Gosh, I've been getting soooo lucky lately at that store. Some of you guys haven't been so lucky but I hope that changes because ROSS has some AWESOME stuff :) I couldn't believe the price when I saw them, they were very affordable. The maxi shirt, crochet vest and fringe bag are all also from ROSS! I can't wait to wear these pieces.


I Wonder....

March 26, 2012

HEY my lovely readers!!!! GOSH, I've missed posting. This week is my last week of school until spring break and I seriously can't wait. I will be going with my twin brother to LA, California this weekend, the day to have creeped very fast. My professors are loading me with assignments every class and I'm trying to get them out the way so I don't have to touch or look at a textbook over the break (with the acceptance of statistics) HeeHee.  I wore this outfit today despite, it was really windy today but sunny. The dress I recently got from ROSS along with another one in black. I now own seven lace dresses and I hope to get more. They are so versatile, you can mix it up into an edgy outfit or something cute and fun. I need to start packing for this California trip, I just know I'm bound to forget something, if anything, I know I won't forget my tripod, memory card and camera. :)

DIY: Galaxy Shorts!

March 21, 2012

      I'm sure some of you guys are like "Finally", hah! I am so tided up with my school work it seems like  posting daily stuff on my blog is impossible, I start my spring break next week so you guys will be seeing plenty of post then, and not just any post because I will be going to California :D So expect loads of pictures and videos!!! I can't wait. So in the mean time im trying save my money, because I plan on doing LOADS of shopping :)
      Anywho, this is my tutorial on galaxy shorts, there are many other ways to achieve the whole galaxy cosmic look, this is just one of the many ways to do so. Create your own technique and you'll see how cool it will come out :D I plan on selling these short on my COMING SOON: Online store ! Their a bit big for me and I'm sure their is someone out their who love them just as much as I do. I hope you guys enjoy the video, and try the tutorial out.

Choose HD for better quality :)
 I got the studs from
You can't see them in this picture but I placed some studs going down the sides of the shorts

Dance to the Rhythme of my Drum

March 16, 2012

I FINALLY GOT THE PANTS!!!! I've have been stalking my local H&M store for like a month in hopes of them getting this in stock and it finally came. When I even bought them, H&M hadn't put it out on the racks yet so lucky I called to make sure they had them :D I love the pants so much, I'm thinking hard about back there and getting a second pair that I could dye. They are kind of ankle pants but on me look like capri pants, Hahah! Today my friends came and visited my at college, I miss them so much we don't go to the same college so anytime I get to see them, is great. I can't wait until spring break because I am going to California (2 more weeks remaining).  Mondays post will be a tutorial making galaxy shorts, I PROMISE!!!!!
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Small Bits!

March 13, 2012

Hello Hello! These are just a few bits that I bought last week. I KNOW I KNOW another blazer, I told you guys I am "blazer crazy". I got the stripe blazer from Forever 21 but the only thing I don't like about it is that it's pretty short on me (Im 5"9" 1/2). It only looks nice with a dress or high waisted bottoms. The lightblue blazer is from H&M, I've been eyeballing it for a while so I decided to get it. I bought sunglasses which I barely wear because I'm blind as a bat, hah! The two earrings are also from H&M and the red body con skirt is from ROSS.
I got these earring not realizing that it didn't have a cuff and my second hole isn't pierced! Hah, I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them, "oh yeah, that's right I wasn't thinking"..Heehee! I was over whelmed with how awesome H&M is. I thought of an idea to use it as a jewelry collar or I can also take one diamond off from the ear ring and replace it with a cuff :)

March 7, 2012

 online gif maker
Stripe Blouse | Forever21
Mint Shorts | Thrift Store
Hat | H&M
Necklace | H&M
Tights | T.J. Maxx
Black and White Oxfords |
Cognac Purse | Gift from mother
 This is what I wore today! This top has a story behind it, and Im going to try a make it short because I tend to make some stories unnecessarily long, Haha! Alright, So I saw this top on the Forever 21 website and I was like, "I got to get that", when I went back to order it a few days later it was SOLD OUT!...SHOCKER, I know! It seemed like all hope was lost, UNTIL I went to the Forever21 store near me and saw the only one left on the manikin. It was size medium and perfect! I had to put it on hold and wait until the next cycle of when they change the manikins outfits for display. Long story short, they eventually called me to come pick it up and I DID! The moral of the story is: "If some thing is meant for you, the words SOLD OUT shouldn't matter" :)
    Anywho, I hope everyone had a lovely day, it's starting to get warmer here in Maryland, could spring possibly be around the corner!

Coutndown: 24 Days until I can see the beautiful grounds of LA, California :)

The Power of Cobalt Blue

March 6, 2012

 Lace Dress | H&M
Black belt | Forever21
High Knee Socks | T.J. Maxx
Suede Loafers |
Clock Necklace | DIY
Over the shoulder purse | Thrift Store

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS, H&M needs to get more colors in it! A red one would be GORGEOUS. I felt alittle sad when the day ended because that meant I had to change for bed, meaning I had to part with my dress, hahah! I'm going to H&M again this week in hopes that the stripe jeans came in. The H&M that I go to doesn't seem to be as current as the other ones but I'm hoping those pants come in.

Any suggestions: I plan on getting a pair of Jeffrey Campbell litas but I can't decided between: 

Happiness Comes From Within

March 3, 2012

 Hello Hello!!! I can't believe it is March already, I will be nineteen next month, Can someone please tell me where time is going, Hahah. In a way though its good that time is going by fast, let March 31 come so I can go to California, I can't wait!!
  I can't wait to show you guys my DIY galaxy tutorial, I'm still working on it! Tutorials are actually hard to film surprisingly, it's very tedious and time consuming (or at least for me it is) that is why I am taking my time and not rushing, so it comes out great! I hope to have it up sometime next week. I know I've said this before and I'm YET to deliver, but I would like to do more DIY's on my blog. I have so many ideas in my head but so little time, since college has started. I hope to get to the soon though :)