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Birthday Girl and Boy

April 21, 2012

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Floral Dress | H&M
Stripe Blazer | Forever21
Pearl Necklace | Burlington Coat Factory
Pink "I wish I were DOC Martens" | Wal-Mart

      Hey Guys!!!! Today is my birthday along with my twin! He is older by 13 minutes, I wish he was into fashion like me, we could be like the fashion citizens on youtube or londoncloset  or something. I always tell him that but he looks at like I'm crazy! Hahahah!
       This is what I wore today. I absolutely love this dress and I hope H&M makes shorts, pants or button down shirts with this same print, because I would buy it all. I wore the dress with my stripe vertical blazer, stripe +florals =AWESOME! Heehee... I am back to my braids as you guys can see, I find them alot easier to manage and their a  good protective hair style that really makes my hair grow. 
I haven't worn these pink boots in thee longest time, I think its because I never really have anything that matches it. I got these from Wal-Mart like two years ago and they had other colors like lime green, orange and black, I got the pink ones because..........I actually don't know why I got the pink ones..Hahahah! I am thinking about doing a DIY on them and making them black and white stripes???..What do you guys think?
I hope you guys have an awesome day, I'm about to go do some homework, make some sketches for a new blog header and make some shorts to sell! Everything sounds exciting minus the homework..!

BTW, I can't stop listening to this song!  It's like the song of the day for me


  1. Happy B'Day!
    Cute outfit x

  2. Love this outfit! It reminds me of one of those cool High-school movies, it's so fun. And that song is super catchy :D

  3. omg, your a twin like us! wooohooo! happy birthday girl!

    1. POWER to the TWINS!!!!! Woo :)
      and thank you! <3

  4. Happy birthday again beautiful!!! Your outfit is super cute! xx

  5. Happy Birthday GIRL!
    Love your style!!!
    xx :D