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April 25, 2012

     Happy Wednesday everyone!!! I hope everyone had a lovely day. I wore my creepers today and I can't imagine life without them, I love that they give me some height. When I wear them I'm like 5"11...Yayyy platform!!! Finals are slowly approaching, which means study, study,study but I'll try to continue to post as much as I can. I still plan on selling vintage shorts, for those who are interested, I will post a SNEAK PEAK photo next week ^_^
   I'm going to New York this Saturday on behalf of a club that I am apart of in college. We are suppose to be doing some site seeing, so I'll try to soak up New York in one day. We have three hours of free time, so I hope to check out some stores ;) The last time I went to New York was last August, and it was awesome! I will of course make sure to take loads of pictures and possibly some videos :)


  1. Ahh ahh!! I love that top <3, It's so pretty :)

  2. The outfit is amazing! Love everything!

  3. amazing skirt and tights!!

  4. Ooooh, I like the whole outfit. ^_^ So, does that mean you're regularly 5'10!? I'm jealous.

    1. Thank you Sharena!!! and Yeah I'm 5'10, Heehee ^_^

  5. OMG! I just love the way you paired the red creepers with the blue blazer!
    Amazingly pretty!


  6. Gorgeous outfit, I love the skirt and the backpack!xx