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Shake Me Down...

April 17, 2012

My brother  ordered these shoes for me for my birthday, which is this saturday by the way. Every year my twin brother and I tell each other what we want for our birthdays and we get what ever it is, keeping in mind how much it cost. Its our little twin thing! I got him a Scoot pilgram comic series set and he got me CREEPERS :) WHOOP-WHOOP! They were ordered on, and the seller is in UK, which sucks for me being in the United States because the delivery time will take a while (3-4 weeks). I ordered the 1inch red ones because I don't have any red shoes at all and I just love the color of the red. The pink ones were sold out in my size so I settled for the red ones. The shoes came in a variety of colors and patterns, it kind of made it harder to choose, Hahah! I thought the shoes were for an excellent price too, the link is below for those interested! I bought the last size 10 in the red creepers, lucky me! I will def make sure to post pictures when they come in :)


  1. Awww, that's so cute! Sometimes I wish I had a twin brother mimimi. Awwwwww, really, that's so cute of you both to do!
    Nice choice! I bet the red one is prettier - since the pink one should be really.. pink haha. Nice blog, just met it! Following. xxo
    Shout Sabrina

    1. Hahahah!!!:D Yeah its our little twin tradition
      I can't wait to see and style my creepers, I really love that red color! O_O
      Thank you so much for following Sabrina, I'll def make sure to check out your blog <3