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Heart Skipped A Beat

June 27, 2012

Lace top|Thrift Store      Floral Vest|Thrift Store   Pleated Skirt|F21      Flatforms|SPYLOVEBUY     Wool Hat|H&M    Snake Necklace|JC Penny
 Hey guys!!! Thank you all for the wonderful feed back I got from my "DIY:Pastel Colorblocking Denim Jacket tutorial" (what a mouth full ,hah). I truly appreciate it!  I hope to be doing more soon.
This is what I wore yesterday, I haven't worn this skirt in a while. I remember when I first got it I wore the heck out of it until I got tired of it, and now I'm back with wearing it, "wearing it out, that is", muahahahah! I love the copper color of the skirt and the pleated detail adds a beautiful touch. I wore it with my thrifted floral vest, talk about "perfect match!" My flatforms are glued to my feet so  no surprise I'm wearing them with this outfit, I need more pairs. My mom really likes them, which is a shocker because she usually questions my choice of shoes, heehee! She great!
 Ohhh, I just started using my Tumblr again, so freely check that out, Thank you!

By the way, does any one have any tips for winning bids on EBAY, I really want an item on there and I am SUPER determined to win the bid. *game face on*


DIY: Pastel Colorblock Denim Jacket

June 23, 2012


Applying the studs to the denim jacket is optional.
 For color dye I used RITZ but their are many other different dyes to choose from. Another option for a color remover is bleach.

In your bucket, mix the hot water with the RIT color remover and salt! Stir until everything is dissolved completely. I recommend you wear gloves during this dying process.
I left my denim jacket to soak in the color remover for one hour but it didn't turn out as light as I wanted it to be, so I soaked it in bleach for more two hours and it came out fine. Wash and dry your jacket  when done! NOTE: All denims vary, so lighten your denim material until you are satisfied.

The bleached really lighten the jacket. I am satisfied with the light wash color, its time to DYE IT!

 In your bucket of hot water , mix 1/2 a cup of salt and your pack of dye ( the RIT liquid dye in the bottle does not require you to add salt). Stir until everything is dissolved.
Dye half of your denim jacket with your first color (recommend you start with the lighter color) for about 20 minutes or until satisfied. Constantly stir dye to prevent uneven spots from forming. Repeat the same steps with your other color for the other side.
Note: The hotter the water, the darker the colors will come out.

 Dye other side carefully

 To dye the sleeves purple, take the pink sleeve and put it in aquamarine dye. Then take the aquamarine sleeve and place it with pink dye. The colors should eventually turn lilac/purple after a while! Wash and dry, when done.

For the finishing touch, ADD some STUDS! HERE is a great tutorial if you need help achieving the studded shoulder look!

 All done! You now have a unique denim jacket. I added a pink bow and some studs to the jacket!

Denim Jacket | DIY            Shorts | DIY         Lace top | Thrift store
I can't believe this is the same denim jacket I got from the thrift store for less than six dollars! Doing DIY projects are such a thrill for me. I am in love with the spiked shoulders, I truly feel like Bowser from Mario Brothers , hahah! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, much LOVE!

Don't Let Me Loose My Way

June 19, 2012

Earrings| Forever21

Hello Hello my lovelies! I hope everyone had a lovely Father's Day on Sunday! I definitely had to wish my mother a Happy Fathers Day because she deserves that title too, I love her!
 Any who, this is what I wore today. I have this same dress but in mustard (here). I remember telling myself that I wouldn't buy this cream color but every time I went to the store it was just hanging on the rack just waiting to be bought by me , so when I went to T.J. Maxx last week, I gave in and finally bought it, heehee. I don't regret it at all because I love the fit of the dress and the color can be paired with a lot of things. I wore it with one of my favorite blazers that my aunt got from me from Cameroon, West Africa. I just love the burgundy color and the cut of the blazer. Speaking of blazers, I have been on the look out for a colorful  floral blazer, if anyone sees one please let me know! That has to be my over searched item on ebay, I'm not giving up until I find the perfect one, for a good price hahah! Talk to you guys soon.

NEON Trees

June 16, 2012

Greetings To All, I hope everyone is doing well. This is what I wore yesterday, I honestly can count the number of times I have worn these stripe pants (three times), and each time I have worn them, I  come up with a completely different outfit. The pants are really versatile. I placed it with a yellow neon top because I thought the colors really complimented each other, and of course I had to wear my flatforms. For the summer I'm trying this NEW thing where I don't wear blazers all the time, so you guys will be seeing alot of ARM, heehee. It is so easy for me to through over a blazer with any outfit  (Blazer Obsession) 
I will have new Youtube video up by Tuesday, as I haven't done one in  two months. I guess I have been blogging my life away, hahah :)  So stay tuned for that guys! It is going to be a "Collective Thrift Haul + Styling" and I'm sure you guys have seen most of the thrifted pieces so you will see how I would style them. Talk to you guys soon!!!

Color Splash + New Shoes

June 10, 2012

 DIY shorts
Black Flatform shoes from SPYLOVE BUY, this is my third purchase from this company and they never seem to disappoint me.

Guess what came in the mail for me yesterday?..... My black suede flatform shoes!!!!
 I had to treat myself for a wonderful first year in college (YES, this is my excuse for getting a muchly needed pair of flatforms, hah). I ordered these shoes  almost three weeks ago from, the company (SPYLOVE BUY) is located in Great Britain so it took awhile to come...longer than usual actually, but it was worth the wait. I hope to get another pair but in an "electric blue" color. GOSH, I just love these shoes, I am a sucker for flatforms so buying these were a must. I paired them with my colorful shorts I made not too long ago, hope you guys like!
*Fancy Smooches*

Forrest Green Gump

June 8, 2012

I used a blue color this time for the ends, I think I prefer it than the pink color I used last time :)

Hello Hello guys!! This is what I wore today, yet another outfit with the top and bottom both thrifted! SCORE!!! I made the shorts, they were originally jeans but i cut, frayed and studded them. I think they turned out quite smashing. I love the forest color, very fall and spring friendly.
 Lately, I have been getting less and less inspired by the clothes in my closet. I'm thinking its time for some serious clothes sorting. I have a closet full of stuff but everyday I feel like I don't have anything to wear >.<. So I've decided, I need to get rid of a few things in order to truly know what I really have to wear and what NEW things I need to buy. It's going to be hard to let some of the things go because I always feel like I might wear what I throw away, but of course I don't because I end up with things in my closet that I haven't worn for MONTHS (slight case of hoarding).  Any one else the same?
This post was going to be on a DIY but I realized I was missing one of the supplies needed for the DIY, so we will give the NEXT post another try,hah! I hope everyone is well! <3

Breath of Life

June 3, 2012

 Happy Sunday Everyone! I usually don't post on Sundays because I am ALWAYS caught up with others things but I had to make time for this one. I wore this outfit to church today and I really adore it! I am wearing the bustier that I got from from the thrift store not too long ago along with a skirt I got from there too. Thrifted items are so UNIQUE, I'm slowly finding myself filling my closet with thrfited pieces. I had planned on hemming the skirt to make it shorter but after wearing it today, I've decided to keep the length. I actually prefer the midi maxi look. 
     I hope everyone's summer is going well, I'm reading other peoples blogs and it seems like everyone's staying busy or at least trying too. Its funny how I thought I would be posting more often because school was out but its been the opposite for me and I'm sure other bloggers can relate!
 I start my summer class tomorrow, I hope it doesn't consume most of my time for working on my online store. Anywho my dears, stay fashionable and I will see you in my upcoming post 
(perhaps a DIY???)