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September 27, 2012

Collar Dress| DIY/ROSS       Belt| Thrifted       Wedges,Jacket, Earrings|F21      Backpack|ROSS 
This outfit reminds me of Wednesday from the "Adams family," her signature white collar dresses are so lovely. Anyone else use to watch the Adam's Family?, I always thought the show was very interesting, entertaining and slightly scary (I'm a scaredy cat). 
To feed my peter pan craving at the moment, I sewed on this white collar to my black lace dress The sewing isn't to perfect because I was rushing when I did it. I literally was doing my accounting HW at night and instantly stopped  doing it when I had the idea for the DIY. I guess I was itching for a DIY project, hahah. 
I have been SUPER DUPER  busy lately with school assignments and campus know, the usual school year stuff. I haven't even started making the custom shorts for the winners of my giveaway, luckily they are understanding and are being patient (thankful for that). On top of all of that, I am trying to balance getting things ready for my online store, set to start up in a few months. In the mist of everything though, I've been really enjoying the cool whether and wearing boots almost everyday. I hope to make my Fall lookbook soon and  I have a DIY  in mind that I want to record. We will see how this weekend goes.
The title from this blog post was quoted from a very inspiring youtube video that I saw this week about a young gal who started her own lipstick brand, "the Lipbar". In the video she talks about how she started her business and how pursuing your dreams while staying true to yourself, can pay off. Find your niche, what you love doing, what will help others, and work towards fulfilling it.  Check out  the video LINK below!!



September 19, 2012

Top|T.J. Maxx     Jacket|F21     Skirt|DIY      Boot&Hat|H&M       Rings|Mother's
Hello to all! Yes, you guys are seeing correctly, I'm not wearing my round sunglasses, I had to give them a break for this post. It's funny because its seems like I wear them alot but the only time I  really wear them is when I'm taking blog pictures. I'm blind as a bat and wear  prescription glasses ( and have done so since second grade), hahah. I adore this perter pan collar top I'm wearing. I recently purchased it from T.J. Maxx and couldn't be happier. I usually avoid BUYING bedazzled collar tops because I always tell myself "I can  just make it myself," but finding the time to do it can be a problem, so I gave in when I saw this top with a gold glitter collar not to mention the gold buttons that go down the back. I paired it with my DIY galaxy skirt that I made almost a year ago, HERE is a similar tutorial on how to get the galaxy effect. I am so excited to be wearing tights, and jackets as the weather here in Maryland is getting cooler (yayay).

I am really enjoying all the different blog post from Fashion Week going on from around the world. The street styles are so amazing, you can truly get so much inspiration from them. The styles just make me want to be more daring with my style and experiment (Muahahah), I love it. It got me thinking about taking some street style photos of people around campus. Their are moments on campus, where I see an eye catching outfit and I want to whip out my camera but I 'm like "darn, I left it at home"...FAIL! Like the other day, I saw a girl with pale gray hair, her hair reminded me so much of Kelly Osbourne, not to mention her eccentric outfit. 
 So, I'll start taking some pictures here and there on campus and we will see how that goes, I am such a fan of individual style. Talk to you guys soon!


September 15, 2012

This is what I wore yesterday, the outfit totally reminds me of fall, and the weather yesterday certainly reminded me that Fall is on it's way, WHOOOO! Yes another FALL ramble, I am just so excited for the season to come. Layering is my specialty, and why not give me another excuse to buy more wool hats, ahahah!
 Once again, I want to thank each and every one of you guys that entered my giveaway! **BIG virtual air hug** Their will be more giveaways in the near future, so don't worry if you didn't win :)
 The two winners are Mercy Eke AND Charmaine Cowland of Charmaine's Closet. Congrats guys, please MESSAGE me through my Facebook page so we can arrange your prize!!

Passion Pit -"Carried Away"

September 13, 2012

Stripe Bustier|F21          Skirt|Thrift Store        Teal Blazer|F21
 This is what I wore on Monday, the weather was beautiful, 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius), when you start getting temperatures like this, you know you are getting closer and closer to Fall! I have been dying to properly wear this stripe bustier ever since I got it, I say "properly" because I have always wanted to pair it with a bright floral skirt. Thanks to a thrifting trip two weekends ago, I was able to make that possible. I paired the outfit with my H&M black flatforms and wore them with purple socks to add some color. Speaking of flatforms, I was browsing ASOS the other day and saw ALL THESE AWESOME FLATFORMS, (especially this ONE ) that should be in my closet right now, hahah. What I love most about flatforms is that they give me some height, comfortably. My feet aren't arch which is how I fail to walk in heels, I'm trying though, haha.
 "Flatforms all day everyday"
 **Jammin to some Passion Pit Music** I'm off to finish some homework and studying!
Thank you to those who entered my giveaway, the TWO lucky winners will be announced this Saturday, September 15, 2012!!! Yay :D

Moving Forward

September 8, 2012

Top & Hat| F21      Skirt |Thrifted     Necklace| Rugged Wearhouse   Flatforms|Amazon     Bag|ROSS  
Who wishes they could be three places at once??? ** raises hand** NY fashion week, Democratic convention and college ( just so I don't miss my classes, hah). For now I can only settle for being one place at a time. I have been busy busy, busy, with nothing but school work lately, this is only the second week of college for me and I can't wait for a holiday break to come, hahah! I am only dreaming of fall/winter, I can't stop blabbing about it. I am so over summer, I have been over it ever since the first day of it (yikes).  I am ready to pull out my boots, tights, blazers, MORE hats and embrace the cold whether.  
On Ebay, I have a cart full of things that I hope purchase in the upcoming days, including some chelsea boots, my black flatforms will be happy to know that she will be retiring soon.

READ ME:I have decided for my giveaway instead of giving away one pair of custom shorts, I will be giving away TWO! So now their will be two different winners :)  YAYAYAYYY! I felt like being extra generous and plus I love my followers!!! If you haven't already, make sure to ENTER MY GIVEAWAY, it ends tomorrow!



September 4, 2012

I spotted this beauty, but for $10.00 I had to leave it!

She has the coolest necklace ever, its 3D! The image open and closes its eyes
            Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great labor weekend, I certainly used Monday to catch up on a few assignments and readings. On Sunday I hung out with my friend Medina. She goes to a Art Institute which is a totally different school schedule/system from Universities and colleges, so finding time to hangout together can be hard. We managed to snag some time (the whole day, hahah) and do some thirfting. We went to two different thrift stores near where I live and I must say "I was lucky." Which by the way, I do not always get lucky with finding goodies at the thrifit store, I previously went thrfiting on 3 separate occasions and didn't find anything, so I guess it takes patience.
     Nothing I purchased was on sale but I thought they were for good prices. I purchased the skirt, booties and earrings while Medina purchased the two necklaces and belt. I can't wait to wear the shoes that I got, but first I must OVERSPRAY them with Lysol, haha! They were in good condition and in my size, (SHOCKER)
      The thrift store near me always has a sale every Sunday (50% off selected tags) which explained the large amount of people  that  were there scrambling through the place to find some treasures. I typically like to shop when theirs less people because I take my time and I feel more at ease....anyone else??.  After thrifting we went and took some pictures by the pier, which is now by the way one of my favorite places to take blog pictures, hahah! All in all, it was definitely a lovely evening. 
  Ohhh and I now have a instagram @fancymuffin, I opened an account through my mom's ipod touch so I will be posting some stuff here and there. I'm really enjoying it!

"TIME IS TICKING"  Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!!! <3 p="p">

*Fancy Smooches*