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MINK PINK "Suped Up Slashers" Contest

July 30, 2012

You can vote for mine HERE <3

Greetings Guys! I hope all is well with everyone! AHH, I have been itching to post this since last Friday  but I was waiting for my MINK PINK entry to go through!
 Last Friday my friend TODD came over to help me take pictures for my online store. His photography and artwork is just brilliant and his Canon camera is "WICKED, " it surely puts my Fuji camera to shame, hahah! I will definitely have to feature him on my blog one of these days. The picture with both of us and the picture with the shorts on the grass, was taken with his lovely camera, the quality is just gorgeous!
I entered the Mink Pink "Suped Up Slashers" contest for a chance to win $1,000 worth of MINK PINK wardrobe. How awesome would that be, I usually don't win these things but it's worth a try. To enter all you have to do is reconstruct a pair of shorts or jeans. Let your creativity shine, and I quote from MINK PINK, "the crazier the better." If you guys enter the contest, please let me know so I could vote for you and see your lovely designs.
 I really enjoyed making these Levis cut off shorts, the concept is definitely something new than what I  am use to making. I was really inspired by  tie dye, nature, galaxy, unicorns, flowers and the list goes on and on.  Even if I don't win the contest, I have some new ideas for shorts I plan on selling on my online store. I would truly appreciate it if you guys vote for me (here, here or case you missed the last three links...... HERE) <3 <3

Open Our Eyes

July 24, 2012

My mom's gorgeous Anne Klein clutch! One of the many things I take from her closet.
Red Flatforms | Ebay              Lace Collar dress | T.J. Maxx          Earrings | F21            Belt | Mothers

"Ebay O Ebay, you've done me well." I have been so anxious to receive my red flatforms. Literally everyday guys I went on Ebay just to look at them.... like that would make the mailing process any faster, haha. This is my second pair of flatforms and I'm still craving some more. I adore how it matches with a lot of what I have in my closet and the red is a "deep clean red." I paired the shoes with a dress I recently got from T.J. Maxx. Their summer selection for dresses has been on point lately **knock on wood**. The white lace combination with the red is brilliant, OOOO imagine this as a crew neck blazer, that would be lovely.  
Yesterday and today's weather has been nice despite the unexpected "where did you come from rainfall" we had over the past few days. I'm not complaining anymore though, after realizing how some bloggers would love to experience some summer weather where they live, I can appreciate the heat....alittle bit more . All this weather change is because of "climate change." It used to be called   "global warming," but some places are found to be getting also because some places are found to be getting colder or hotter.. I found Environmental Science to be one of my favorite classes last school year *proud nerd moment*. How we affect the environment as people is very interesting and at the same time kind of scary.
 I hope all is well with everyone. I'm working on some shorts for the Mink Pink "Suped up Slashers"  contest. I love reconstructing shorts so I thought why not enter. I plan on also doing another DIY post soon. I can't wait to share them with you guys! 


July 18, 2012

Hey Guys, this post is alittle update on my online store that I plan on opening.  I anticipated opening the store sometime last month but I have delayed it until the up coming months. I plan on selling not only reworked vintage shorts but also vintage pieces, reworked items and loads of tie dye pieces, (***tie dye junkie). The reworked shorts will be available in a variety of sizes (XXS-XXL) and designs. The picture above shows a few shorts that I have recently made.More than fifty shorts are done so far and I have loads more to do. Thank you guys so much for your support and for being patient with meJ just know that all this patience will payoff when the store opens. As always, I will keep you guys posted for updates. Thanks again, much Love!!!

The Simple Touch

July 14, 2012

Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world.
Annie Lennox
Bustier | F21        Bowler Hat | H&M       Layer Necklace| ROSS           Circle Shades | H&M
Hey Guys! This week I started my second session of my summer class, which is  physical fitness and I am one skinny out of shape person. On the second day of class, we did a fitness test to see how fit we  were and I could only do one push up, I think the most I have ever done in my life was three. After five weeks in the class I hope to be in shape and eat healthy because JUNK food always seems to taste better, heehee!
 Anywho, this is what I wore today, I recently purchased the blue bowler hat from H&M. I like spazzed out when I saw they had it, I've been looking for a bowler hat everywhere! I'm glad I finally own one. The vintage skirt is from the thrift store. Vintage skirts are just awesome, the prints are truly one of a kind. I plan on  hemming the bottom  to make the length shorter.  I'm still awaiting my red flatforms from EBAY, ehhh. Hopefully they come in next week, my black ones need a break.
IN OTHER NEWS: I've been thinking really really super super hard about going natural and I think I have finally come to  a decision to try it out. My hair would be so much longer and healthier if I did it. I don't plan on CHOPPING off my hair because I just couldn't go through with that but I plan on slowly transitioning to natural if that's possible considering the length my hair. This could turn out really good or bad, hah, Any advice?

That is Lovely

July 9, 2012

Cream Dress | T.J Maxx                                                            Burnt Coral Skirt | T.J. Maxx
Vertical Stripe Bustier | Forever21
HELLO HELLO!!! I hope everyone is well. I have been running away from the beaming HOT weather lately. The other day it was 102 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius), yeah try taking blog pictures in that kind weather, not fun at all. I am not one to like heat at all, it makes me so uncomfortable and sluggish! Ugh, personal summer problems, haha..... 
I recently purchased a few things. I can't wait to wear the stripe bustier with a bright floral high waisted skirt, I just need to find one....thrift store maybe? I already have a lovely outfit planned for the cream dress, can't wait to show you guys and as far as the burnt coral skirt, well what can I say, its just beautiful. The color is really eye pleasing, I can't wait to style it as well. You guys, EBAY is so awesome, they have such great deals on things I dream of one day owning. I plan on ordering my first Ebay item tomorrow, I can't wait... NEW FLATFORMS here I come!
My friends came over last week and I was so excited to see them. They gave me a surprise visit, I hadn't seen them in FOREVER so it was good to catch up and as usual, laugh up a storm. We had a mini photo shoot and they modeled some of my DIY shorts that I plan on selling on my online store. An afternoon well spent, take care everyone.

July 4,1776

July 4, 2012

Stripe bustier|DIY          Star skirt|F21/DIY          Necklace|Gift         Flower headband| DIY

              Who likes to plan special outfits for different holidays and take  pictures in them*raises hand* this nerd does! Happy 4th of July EVERYONE! On July 4th 1776, America declared Independence, how special this day is to many individuals. 
This outfit is so festive, I love it! I originally planned on buying an outfit because I felt like I had nothing to wear but I quickly got out of that mind frame because I'm trying to save for some flatform shoes, haha. I think a lot of times we feel the need to instantly BUY a completely new outfit for whatever reason because you believe what you have in your closet isn't what your looking for or isn't good enough, but I am here to tell you guys "Don't believe those whispers, my friend." I thought it through and made it work with what was in my closet. The blue skirt I got a while back from Forever21. I cut it into a high-low skirt and painted the white stars on there. The stripe bustier I made out of some fabric I already had and I also made the flower headband as well. The supplies for the headband was the only thing I went out and bought, which cost me like $4 all together....SCORE! I plan on spending fourth of July with my family and eating some grilled food.. YUM! But I will mostly be studying because I have a final exam tomorrow.
 Thank you for all the Ebay tips from my last post, I didn't win the bid which was for a AZTEC bustier but I get some valuable advice. The shipping cost for the bustier was $18.75 and being that the shipping cost was already expensive , I had a limit of how much I was willing to pay for the bustier. On the bright side, I found some AWESOME flatforms shoes I hope to purchase soon! By the way, I listed a few things for sell and hope to add more things later in the week, check it out HERE!    Take Care everyone...