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December 13, 2013

Fringe Jacket Jacket | Thrift Store     Dress | RiverIsland      Tights | H&M    Shoes & Hat | Thrift Store

Hey Guys! For those of you who still remember who I am...."IM BACKK!" I took a long break from blogging, intensionally. I felt like I was losing my jazz and my level of interest for blogging was decreasing, and usually that is a sign of a "bloggers block" for me. I love blogging so I knew it was time for a break I needed some time to get some juice back if you know what I mean. I am so glad to be back.
Next week is finals week, after that, I will be a free woman, this semester has gone by so fast. I'm so looking forward to break so I can focus on my online store, Fancy Muffin  and this lovely blog of mine, ahah. I should have another post up sometime next week. I got this lovely dress from River Island, I literally saw it and feel in love with it instantly. Anything tartan, I love! Trend or no trend, that is one of my favorite prints.
Stay blessed everyone, and remember "God's timing is the best timing"

NATURAL HAIR UPDATE: I've been natural now for 1 year and 4 months, "3 days 6 hours 24 minutes and a couple of seconds". I haven't relaxed my hair in 16 months and I couldn't be happier. The thickness of my hair at this moment is cray and I can't wait to do a update post on it sometime next month. I'm thinking about dying the top section of it a alphine dark green color :3 ** wheww scandalous** Talk to you all soon


September 7, 2013

Bralet | Topshop        Skirt&Sunglasses | H&M       Earrings | MONET (vintage)      Sandals | River Island  

For those who still know who I am, hahah! Boy have a been MIA in awhile. Truth be told, I dislike summer fashion and felt little to no inspiration, plus humidity and I don't get along. I am back to frequent posting (ignore that I said that last time). I started Uni, on Tuesday so I have no excuse for not doing outfit post and possibly some campus style features, I've seen some awesome male fashion. 
I am looking forward to Fall and hope to improve my blogging ways, no one wants a seasonal blogger **nods**
Now, on to the subject of polka dots, AKA the best thing EVER!!!  So I am in love with matching two piece sets in general and I was determined to get another polka dotted one after I picked up THIS ONE from the thrift store. I  got this lovely bralet from TopShop and like a month later picked up a similar polka dotted skirt at H&M. The skirt is quite big on me and it doesn't help that I wear it high on my waist but the safety pins make it worth wearing.

Thank you sooooooooo MUCH for all the encouraging comments about my online store  Fancy Muffin,, everyone has just poured out their love and support and I truly appreciate each and everyone of  you all! God is continuing to do some great things! <3 p="">*Fancy Smooches* 

SHOP Fancy Muffin Opens

August 1, 2013


Im hoping this launch will make up for my absence of blogging, fair enoguh! I have been busy finalizing and putting together my site! It is finally up and running and I couldn't be any happier!!!! My handmade tie dye creations and reconstructed denims shorts are waiting to be sent to a caring home. I have a few vintage pieces up as well, I will be adding more items in the upcoming days and weeks.

This blog will still continue to be my personal style blog, I won't be going anywhere (never that). I will soon create a separate blog for shop Fancy Muffin which will be linked through the site so look out for that. I feel like now that my site is up, it's now back to the basics! My days are no longer consumed by product shooting and editing pictures, I can rest a little before college starts (University of Maryland). I will probably have a haul up soon, I have been eyeballing a load of stuff to buy on websites!

Thank you everyone for your support!!! I am excited to see where this milestone will take me! As my twin brother told me when I opened Fancy Muffin, "You can only go up from here"

**Fancy Smooches**

I CAN Explain

July 8, 2013

Fancy Muffin model, Grace Trout

            Besides work, I have been getting things together for my online store ( opening the end of this month), I have had a few photos shoots in the previous weeks, which all went quite well and I have another one coming up this week again! I want to bombard you all with photos from the shoots but I think I will keep you all anxious until the store opens.  This store has been in the works for over a year now! Looking back at when I first announced that I would like to open an online store (HERE), I think we can all agree that my skills have improved tremendously, ahaha.

They say "if you do what you love  then you will never work a day in your life," and it is so true. The fulfilment of doing what you enjoy and using it to help others is priceless. God has given each and everyone of us a gift, talent etc,.....I say, USE IT!

YES YOU CAN (and you will)
I think the hardest part about going into something is making that first step and ACTUALLY getting started, once you past that stage you are more likely to continue on. Believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to and surround people that believe that as well  and you will surprise yourself with the positive results.

"To thy self be true" is something my mom has ever engraved in my head since I could remember. We live in a world that encourages you to be everyone but yourself. BUT that doesn't mean you must settle for that. Be yourself, don't fall into labels and categories, because you will suppress your full potential, BE YOU!!!

I hope this speaks to someone this week.  More frequent post to come! 
*Fancy Smooches*


June 6, 2013

Dress| Material Girl  from Macys                  Shoes & Backpack| Vintage                  Hat| Thrift Store
IM BACK!!!!! After almost two months of taking a break from blogging, I am finally reunited with my tripod, camera and the feeling that my neighbors are watching me while I take my blog pictures, ahah. Thank you so much to my old and new followers who were patient with me while I was away, I'm now out of the rock I was once under **stretches**  I had to take a break and focus on school and finish up some tie dye items for my store. A lot has happened  since March 30 (last blog post). I graduated from my two year college so I am now off to University of Maryland, entering as a junior, where I will finish my remaining two years there. As far as shop Fancy Muffin, I hope to open it this month (FINALLLLYYYY). I have been tie dying and studding like a maniac, I can't wait to OPEN it. If you would like, you can follow me on Instagram to see some of the stuff that I have already made @fancymuffin.

I haven't forgotten about the tie dye tutorial I promised! That should be up two or three post from now. Oh I went back to my green hair, I honestly was missing it so I dyed it! I am about to braid my hair for the summer, its definitely low maintenance and  it's muchly needed during such hot times. I would talk about this dres but I think it speaks for its self, I adore it! Well I think that's it for now, Talk to you all soon

On Top of The World

March 30, 2013

Dress&Shoes| H&M      Vintage Cardigan& Beanie|Thrifted      Necklace|Cameroon  
HEYYYYY guys! Please don't disown me, haha I have been gone for a while, sadly that is what happens when you try to balance school and up coming projects which results in a lack of sleep and the cycle just continues day to day. I am on SPRING BREAK now **happy dance**. It will literally consist of scouting thrift stores, flea markets and places for some treasures for my online store along with making like 50 shorts AND tie dying stuff, ANDD photo shoot! Although it is so much to do, I LOVE IT and it sure beats doing assignments.
 So I cut my hair extensions and dyed it again. I was initially going for a vibrant purple color, inspired by Diane's hair from DeeVine Anonyme,, but I ended up with multiple colors, lol. I think it's because the blue color and  pink color that I mixed to make purple were from two different brands, so they didn't chemically mix well when I dyed it...I don't know, but whatever the reason, I LOVE the end results. This vintage cardigan is so lovely, I got it from the thrift store the other day. I picked it up so last minute too, I said "Let me do one more round before I leave" and saw it when I was going through the XXL section for women!
 (THRIFTING TIP: Go through ALL THE RACKS, things aren't always placed in the correct places)
I am looking forward to my next post (DIY: tie dye) WOOO!
And as always,THANK YOU to those who left sweet and lovely comments from my last post, I always appreciate the comments I get. I seriously read over them more than once everyday (no lie), they make me smile, LOVE YOU ALL!
**Fancy Smooches** 

Possibly the coolest bus ever, "GOGO's Retread Threads"

March 18, 2013

Top|T.J. Maxx        Trousers, Blazer&Boots| H&M   Tie|DIY    Vintage Bag & Belt| Thrift Store

The "GOGO Rethread Threads"

Racks and Racks of vintage AWESOMENESS!!!!!
Stacey M. Chambers, Founder of "GoGo's Rethread Threads"
One of my purchases from "GoGo's Rethread and Threads," this awesome Aztec print vest! I love it!

I went to a conference last Saturday sponsored by my college called the Women's Expo. The conference was all about promoting businesses owned by women and empowering them to grow. There were many workshops and speakers there, and me wanting to open an online store this summer thought it would be really beneficial if I attended. Out of the many vendors that were there, my favorite was "GOGO's Retread Threads," a vintage store that sells one of a kind female and male vintage pieces in a funky decked out bus. It was like the magic school bus except for vintage fashion lovers. The founder Stacey Chambers has been doing this for almost three years, she stops at different locations through out the month to sell some vintage treasures for affordable prices. I definitely plan on purchasing some more stuff from her one of these days! Her pieces are so unique and like any other vintage piece, carry so much history in them. You can stay connected with GoGo's Retread Threads through:

 I have been in a "I want to wear trousers" mood lately! So I have been trying to stock up on pants and trousers, especially trousers with prints on them. When I saw these at H&M it reminded me of a print that would be on African traditional attire, which I love, so I had to get it. I paired it with my cobalt blue blazer because that is just how I roll. 
I hope everyone has a lovely week, mine is really going to be busy full of school assignments (as usual), I really am looking forward to Spring Break so I can have some time to breathe.Oh, I cut my hair, so no more green ombre, I was getting tired of the long length, it's a bit shorter now with some color or should I say colors (purple,pink and blue.) As we speak I will have some aluminum foils in my hair to redo some of the colors, ahah! Photos of course will be in my next post!

**Fancy Smooches**