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January 30, 2013

Topshop Dress|Nordstrom      Blazer&Necklace| Thrift Store     Hat|H&M      Boots|Rugged Wearhouse     Bag|ROSS
So Ed Sheeran came to Baltimore yesterday for a concert (No, I didn't win those radio tickets to his SOLD OUT show) ** deep sigh** I was hoping his tour bus would some how get lost and he would end up at my door asking me for directions, but with this being the age of information and technology, the chances of that happening were slim. Seeing THIS instagram picture today didn't help at all, hahahee! Oh, I started classes on Monday, so far they are going great.
So I finally dyed my hair, I think it came out pretty nice! The color is a lot more vibrant in person. I used alpine green on the top and on the tips I used turquoise color. The dye that I used was Jerome Russell's Punky color.  After all the research I did and the reviews I read on the dye, I was sold!!! I was going to do a tutorial or video during the dying process but it was a hassle because it started to get a bit messy. 
I am officially a consumer of Topshop (Whoo), I ordered the dress shown above from Nordstrom,, it was on sale. The cosmic skirt  that I wanted was sold out so I opted for this lovely dress. It was originally $92.00 but was marked down for $29.99, and I had a gift card so...SCORE! This Aztec blazer is just so perfect, it's honestly been one of those clothing items that I wear almost ALL THE TIME. I think you guys would agree that there are just some clothing pieces that never get breaks during a particular season, so until summer time, this blazer will not rest.
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Time After Time...

January 21, 2013

1.) "HELLO"
2.) Clothing rack with Fancy Muffin  shorts
3.) Aztec Thrifted blazer (favorite blazer at the moment)
4.)  Experimenting with the new color hair dye I got (Jerome Russel via Amazon) Colors: Turquoise and Alpine Green
5.) Products from my hair regime (I have been transitioning for about 5 months now, my new growth is super curly and thick)
6.) My journal, I started writing in it for the New Year and I hope to continue to do so. The "A" stands for my middle name (Anim)  just in case you're wondering if theres an "A" in "Fei" ^_^
7.) New thrifted hat, I now own nine and counting
8.) Fancy Muffin Shorts, a work in progress

I am surprised I woke up this morning with my voice still in tack after watching last nights football game, the Ravens vs Patriots. All the screaming and yelling was worth it because the Ravens won. GO Baltimore RAVENS!!! We are going to the Super Bowl. I enjoy watching and playing sports. I played lacrosse all my four years in highschool and was goalie for my HS soccer team. I surprise myself sometimes, heehee
Classes start next week, the stress will soon began. I hope this semester I will be able to handle all my class load while balancing other campus activities I am in and blogging, not to mention opening my online store. I am looking forward to snapping some pictures on campus of people style.
 I can't wait to show you guys how my hair comes out, I am doing it this weekend. I plan on doing a tutorial  or video on it!
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January 13, 2013

Coat Dress, Hat, Backpack| Thrift Store   Top|H&M    Boots| JC Penny
How vintage are these photos, I felt the need to edit them so I could go with the whole vintage vibe, heehe! I hope all is well with everyone. I have two more weeks until I'm back to school, so I am trying to squeeze as much as I can from this winter break and get things done. Thank you all for the feed back I got regarding the hair color dye to get, I was 98% sure that I would go with the apple green color before I asked for everyone's input BUT in the end, I ended up going with  alpine green color. I absolutely don't regret it too, the color is like a rich teal's really PRETTY! I can't wait to dye my hair next week and show you all the results! 
This vintage coat dress is a KEEPER! I remember when I was deciding weather or not to get it at the thrift store, a lady walked up to me and was like "Oh my Gosh, that is so back in the day, totally the 80's... not many people can pull it off, it would look good on you."  I am always contemplating on weather or not I should purchase an item from the thrift store 1.)They do not except returns or exchanges so I am stuck with it, which can be a waste of money and 2.)The same reason as number one. So I usually ask myself like 10 times "why I need this item," or "what can I wear this with," this usually involves a lot of  talking to myself, I'm such a introvert, heehee.
In the end I ended up getting the coat dress. I hemmed the bottom because it was a bit long, and I removed the massive shoulder pads.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead!
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I Say the Same thing Twice, I'm Awkward When I Speak

January 1, 2013

Top| Xi (Store in Phoenix)          Skirt| H&M       Jacket|F21         Belt, Hat, Backpack, Faux fur collar| Thrift Store
"I say the same thing twice, I'm awkward when I speak....Express Yourself" -Labrinth 
 I am starting off the New Years right and posting January 1, Whoooo! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years, it amazes me how fast a year has just flown by.
  I went thrifting the other day and got a faux fur collar. I got it for $2.90, and to think I almost purchased one from ebay. Luckily the Thrift Gods helped me out and I found one last week by chance along with an AWESOME leather backpack.The backpack is big enough to put my books inside so I can't wait to wear it everyday next semester. I love this skull top, my mom bought in Phoenix, Arizona when she visited awhile back. My favorite part is the dramatic spiked collar and the over sized shape of it.
So I want to ombre my hair a funky color, when I take out my braids! I will probably get extensions then bleach it, then either dye it a apple green or alpine color! After watching TONS of videos on Youtube on dying extensions, I am confident enough to trust myself with bleach and hair, haha. I am leaning towards the apple green color, what do you guys think?
Photos taken via Tumblr
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