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Time After Time...

January 21, 2013

1.) "HELLO"
2.) Clothing rack with Fancy Muffin  shorts
3.) Aztec Thrifted blazer (favorite blazer at the moment)
4.)  Experimenting with the new color hair dye I got (Jerome Russel via Amazon) Colors: Turquoise and Alpine Green
5.) Products from my hair regime (I have been transitioning for about 5 months now, my new growth is super curly and thick)
6.) My journal, I started writing in it for the New Year and I hope to continue to do so. The "A" stands for my middle name (Anim)  just in case you're wondering if theres an "A" in "Fei" ^_^
7.) New thrifted hat, I now own nine and counting
8.) Fancy Muffin Shorts, a work in progress

I am surprised I woke up this morning with my voice still in tack after watching last nights football game, the Ravens vs Patriots. All the screaming and yelling was worth it because the Ravens won. GO Baltimore RAVENS!!! We are going to the Super Bowl. I enjoy watching and playing sports. I played lacrosse all my four years in highschool and was goalie for my HS soccer team. I surprise myself sometimes, heehee
Classes start next week, the stress will soon began. I hope this semester I will be able to handle all my class load while balancing other campus activities I am in and blogging, not to mention opening my online store. I am looking forward to snapping some pictures on campus of people style.
 I can't wait to show you guys how my hair comes out, I am doing it this weekend. I plan on doing a tutorial  or video on it!
*Fancy Smooches*


  1. Aztec thrifted blazer! Oh myyyy xxx

  2. that blazer is tres cool :)

  3. Those african printed shorts .. OMG to die for!!!!

  4. ahh can't wait to see your hair! love the shorts :) and the jacket looks awesome! also just to let you know there is a giveaway on my blog in case your interested :) xxx

    1. Thank you so much Leah :) I will def check it out <3

  5. your blog is really cool, I'm loving the header aswell xx

  6. I want that blazer. It's so cool that you played lacrosse, and your middle name is so pretty!

  7. You look gorgeous, I love your mesh sleeved top!


  8. Ooh love your pictures, those shorts are amaaazing!! X

  9. Im transitioinig too.. 9 months post.. Have u got any transitoning blog post? Xx if so feel free to link them