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I want to ride my Bicycle

February 23, 2013

Vintage Jacket&Belt| Thrift Store        Top|Charmaine's Closet        Skirt&Necklace| H&M (overly worn, I know)      Gucci purse| Gift 
Hello wonderful people, Thank you so much for all the positive feed back from my last post on the "DIY: Spiked headband tutorial," muchly appreciated.
 It was so WINDY when I took these pictures, you should see me scrambling through them to see which ones to post, the majority of them looked like I was getting attacked by the strong winds. I got the LOVELY LOVELYYY top from Charmaine's Closet, she was selling a few of her clothes to help raise money for world challenge and to be able help a village in Thailand come 2014. Considering the cause, I couldn't help but check out her store plus her style is FABULOUS. I saw the ruffle top on there and just knew it was for me, I instantly got it. Thanks Charmaine, once again :) I can't wait to wear it with a printed suit...once I own one. 
 I hope everyone had a great week, my weekend will consist of studying for exams for next week and finishing applications for applying to universities! The last picture above was taken on campus, my twin brother took it.  I was creepin looking out the window to see if I could scout any students for my campus style feature I do for the school blog. I got a few snaps this week and can't wait to show you all sometime next week. 
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DIY: Spiked Headband feat. Best Dress Ever (CAT)

February 19, 2013

You don't have to use a leather trim for you headband,  you can  always experiment with other fabrics!
Reinforce the  leather trim with a hot glue gun (recommended) 
Cut off any excess trim once you get close towards the end of the headband.
Place the stud on top of the headband  and using a scissors or  butter knife, bend the prong downward into lace. 
ALL DONE!  The headband can also be used as an accessory for hats to give it an edgy look.
Dress|Topshop     Beaded Top|T.J. Maxx     Bag|Thrift Store  Headband|DIY      Flatforms| H&M    
   "I can see clearly now the rain is gone (referring to old camera) YAY!,  I finally got a new camera (Canon T3i) after months of saving up for it, it is finally in my hands, MUAHAHAHA! So I thought I would whip out my DIY skills for you guys considering I haven't done so in such awhile. I will definitely have more on the way along with Youtube videos because I have a SPANKING NEW CAMERA (can you tell my excitement.) I am trying to familiarize myself with it, as I haven't use a DSLR in like two years, but it helps that the camera is user friendly. 
 So let's talk about this dress, **sigh** Where do I even begin! I first spotted this dress on the Topshop website and my jaw literally dropped. I thought it was the cutest dress ever (cat lover) and  lets face it, those big cat eyes got me. Topshop pretty much sold out in 48 hours but luckily restocked within days (it pays to stalk online stores.) I layered the racer back dress with a beaded collar blouse that I got from T.J. Maxx, and the rest was history. It totally gives the dress a different look and I love it ^_^ I
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Yup, It's Winter

February 9, 2013

TOPSHOP Dress| Nordstrom       Blazer, Faux Fur Collar&Belt|Thrift Store        Hat|H&M         Flatforms|ASOS
 It was freezing when I took these shoots, I would choose cold weather over hot weather any day, so I'm not going to complain too much ! I love this Topshop dress so much, I wore it again yesterday because I decided that wearing it four times already just wasn't enough. I tend to sometimes wear things out. Some items you just can't get enough of and this black dress hit's the spot. My first order from ASOS came in the other day, I ordered these flatforms just by luck, they initially were sold out. Understandably so, because they were marked down to $35, originally priced for $70. They restocked them and I didn't think twice to get them. I checked three days later and they were sold out, so YAY me. I tend to stalk multiple online stores on a daily basis for deals and new arrivals, it's become apart of my daily routine, hahah. Have a lovely weekend everyone, I will spend mine finishing up some homework and reconstructing some shorts for my online store!  
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Is Your Love Big Enough

February 5, 2013

Dress| Target      Cardigan&Necklace| Thrift Store       Hat|H&M       Boots|JC Penny     Bag|ROSS
GREETINGS ! I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far! The weather has been a bit bipolar lately, "You're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no.." **in my best Kay Perry voice** . The last three days have been freezing though, I've had no choice but to wear j-j---jeans *GASP*  I barely rarely wear jeans, but sometimes it's muchly needed when tights do you no good. This outfit I wore the third day of classes last week, I felt like  a walking color palette because the colors (fushia, teal, colbalt blue) all worked well together, including my mermaid hair. I LOVE THIS CARDIGAN,  you can just throw it on and you instantly get a chic slouchy look, great for those days when you want to dress like a grandma. AhahIn high school, I was known for dressing like a "grandma," I loved my blazers and high knee socks.
I am looking forward to seeing New York Fashion week pictures from bloggers, I can only imagine all the amazing street styles. Ugh, I hope to go this Fall (favorite season)
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