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June 6, 2013

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IM BACK!!!!! After almost two months of taking a break from blogging, I am finally reunited with my tripod, camera and the feeling that my neighbors are watching me while I take my blog pictures, ahah. Thank you so much to my old and new followers who were patient with me while I was away, I'm now out of the rock I was once under **stretches**  I had to take a break and focus on school and finish up some tie dye items for my store. A lot has happened  since March 30 (last blog post). I graduated from my two year college so I am now off to University of Maryland, entering as a junior, where I will finish my remaining two years there. As far as shop Fancy Muffin, I hope to open it this month (FINALLLLYYYY). I have been tie dying and studding like a maniac, I can't wait to OPEN it. If you would like, you can follow me on Instagram to see some of the stuff that I have already made @fancymuffin.

I haven't forgotten about the tie dye tutorial I promised! That should be up two or three post from now. Oh I went back to my green hair, I honestly was missing it so I dyed it! I am about to braid my hair for the summer, its definitely low maintenance and  it's muchly needed during such hot times. I would talk about this dres but I think it speaks for its self, I adore it! Well I think that's it for now, Talk to you all soon