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SHOP Fancy Muffin Opens

August 1, 2013


Im hoping this launch will make up for my absence of blogging, fair enoguh! I have been busy finalizing and putting together my site! It is finally up and running and I couldn't be any happier!!!! My handmade tie dye creations and reconstructed denims shorts are waiting to be sent to a caring home. I have a few vintage pieces up as well, I will be adding more items in the upcoming days and weeks.

This blog will still continue to be my personal style blog, I won't be going anywhere (never that). I will soon create a separate blog for shop Fancy Muffin which will be linked through the site so look out for that. I feel like now that my site is up, it's now back to the basics! My days are no longer consumed by product shooting and editing pictures, I can rest a little before college starts (University of Maryland). I will probably have a haul up soon, I have been eyeballing a load of stuff to buy on websites!

Thank you everyone for your support!!! I am excited to see where this milestone will take me! As my twin brother told me when I opened Fancy Muffin, "You can only go up from here"

**Fancy Smooches**