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September 7, 2013

Bralet | Topshop        Skirt&Sunglasses | H&M       Earrings | MONET (vintage)      Sandals | River Island  

For those who still know who I am, hahah! Boy have a been MIA in awhile. Truth be told, I dislike summer fashion and felt little to no inspiration, plus humidity and I don't get along. I am back to frequent posting (ignore that I said that last time). I started Uni, on Tuesday so I have no excuse for not doing outfit post and possibly some campus style features, I've seen some awesome male fashion. 
I am looking forward to Fall and hope to improve my blogging ways, no one wants a seasonal blogger **nods**
Now, on to the subject of polka dots, AKA the best thing EVER!!!  So I am in love with matching two piece sets in general and I was determined to get another polka dotted one after I picked up THIS ONE from the thrift store. I  got this lovely bralet from TopShop and like a month later picked up a similar polka dotted skirt at H&M. The skirt is quite big on me and it doesn't help that I wear it high on my waist but the safety pins make it worth wearing.

Thank you sooooooooo MUCH for all the encouraging comments about my online store  Fancy Muffin,, everyone has just poured out their love and support and I truly appreciate each and everyone of  you all! God is continuing to do some great things! <3 p="">*Fancy Smooches*