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How Would You Wear | Fall Colors

November 20, 2014

Dress |T.J. Maxx     Boots |Rugged Wearhouse   Tights |Urban Outfitters       Necklace |Thrift store

Fall is here even though the weather lately has me worried about the severity of winter weather this coming season. I just love Fall you guys, my favorite color during this time is mustard a.k.a. "my neutral color" to anything. Try it, I think mustard really matches with a lot of things and can be warn year round. For this outfit I had to whip out my orange boots that I have been waiting to wear ever since I purchased them a few months ago. Talk about POP OF COLOR, the orange is so vibrant. 
I was asked by the lovely Diane of Dee Vineanoymeyo to come up with how I would style Fall colors and their you go, any excuse to wear these boots. Check out how the other FABULOUS bloggers styled their Fall colors!!! 
This is such  an early post, I have one hour to get ready for my first class! 
Talk to you lovely people soooooooooooooooooon. Muahhh


October 6, 2014

Tie Dye Cardigan| Dyed and Sewn by Me       Romper | T.J. Maxx    Sandals | River Island     Necklace| Thrift Store

The last picture is a result of many attempts to get a 'glamorous in the air shot,' luckly my face isn't showing, haha! 
EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS, this week I only have one exam then two the following week. I can't believe I am six weeks into the semester, where is time going (serious question). This is crunch time for me which means more time to procrastinate because I am overwhelmed but at the same time, be productive  because I am under pressure..can anyone relate?
I made this tie dye kimono about two weeks ago, my first of many. I seriously love the comfort of this thing. I am going to add some fringe to the next ones I make. AHH, I JUST LOVE TIE DYE!
In an effect to improve on my sewing skills, I will be doing more projects (YAY) I hope to share a few on here as I haven't done a tutorial in a while.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead, stay positive and all will be well!



September 28, 2014

Romper | T.J. Maxx      Belt | H&M      Cutout Shoes | Missguided

I feel so GROOVY in this romper, like a 'groovy butterfly'! I am going through a romper phase guys bare with me. I am digging the idea of not having to put together a top/bottom type of outfit...rompers it is. This one in particular speaks many levels to me! From the pleating on the sleeves to the print, everything just comes together quite well. I made a tie dye cardigan/duster/kimono, LOL! Not sure what the proper name would be since now and days any long cardigan is considered a kimono. I will be doing a blog post on how I styled stay tuned
Next week is going to be so busy for me, I have my first exam for the semester, and have another two the following week. My friend and I started a fashion type club on campus and our first meeting is next week as well, can't wait for that!! On top of that, I am preparing a Fall/Winter collection for Fancy Muffin. Obviously lots to do but I kind of like that, it keeps me busy! 
Hope everyone has a GROVVY week a head! xx


Freedom Lies Within You

September 23, 2014

Floral Kimono & Lace Romper | Urban Outfitters    Block Sandals | River Island 

New Blog Layout! OH YEAHH! After dabbling into coding and HTML settings for my website, I felt encouraged to purchase a blog layout that entails a bit of HTML. I am so proud of myself for installing it on my own, haha but don't call me a computer science major just yet, I'll leave that field for my brother.I am going to play around a little more with HTML, the possibilities are endless (when you know what you are doing)
I purchased this lovely waterfall cardigan/kimono from Urban Outfitters. It was a treat to myself as I usually don't usually purchase full price items at Urban Outfitters because the college struggle is real but this beauty was an exception and I knew I would get much wear from it. The lace romper was on sale for alittle over $20. I love the cut of the romper with the lace trimming and to top it off, its a halter style romper...ME LIKE! This is the first outfit in a long while where nothing I am wearing is from the thrift rear
Fall season is here guys! Who is as excited as me! I live for Fall/ Winter fashion! I already have a long 'WISH LIST' of items I am craving this season. In other news, Im back in school, this is my last year before I graduate from college (yikes) Time Flies! 
 Hope all is well with everyone, what is new with you guys?

Fancy Muffin takes on AFRO PUNK festival

September 5, 2014

YRU Rainbow flatforms | Ebay

My brother made this muffin! Turned out so FANCYYYY! 

Afro Punk has come and gone *sigh* I have talked about this festival so much and looked forward to it, I can not believe it is over. Afro Punk was AMAZING, for even more pictures, visit the Fancy Muffin Facebook page. I got a chance to be a vendor at the festival in Brooklyn, it takes place once a year. I sold handmade items that I make from my brand Fancy Muffin!! To me, Afro Punk is a celebration of life and diversity. I took so many pictures at my booth, the awesomeness didn't stop there. There were so many stylish and self expressive people there, the atmosphere was so inspirational. I didn't manage to snap any street styles because I was mending my booth but take a look at snaps taken from Afro Punk contributors HERE
My friend Brittany, made my two outfits! I know her skills are so TIGHT!! I received so many sweet comments from my outfits. For day 1 I wore a tie dye dress, I tie dyed some fabric and had Brittany sew together a dress. Day 2 I wore the two piece Kente set. I scored the rainbow YRU shoes on Ebay for literally half the price of what they usually go for ^_^  YASSSSSS, I love a good Ebay Deal. I paired it with the tie dye dress and it match perfectly.
I was featured on the ESSENCE website and I also was featured on Cool Hunting, so thankful for that. Keep your passion alive guys, whatever it may be, use it to make the world a better place.

Let's talk customers! How AWESOME are the customer pictures! I was so humbled to meet people that followed my site and were looking forward to seeing it at the festival and those that simply stopped by to give me some encouraging words. YOU ALL ROCK and contribute to my inspiration. I am working on some NEW stuff now as FALL approaches, can't wait to share it with you all. I started school this week and I am really going to try to post more often.

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Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


July 4, 2014

Romper| Fancy Muffin      Kimono| H&M    Shoes| Urban Outfitters      Bag| Thrift Store

Hi Guys!! Sooooo this past week I saw the adorable  and talented Ed Sheeran in concert, I am still trying to process that in my brain. The concert came and went by so fast, I just didn't have time to soak it alll in. He is AMAZINGGG, the guy is passionate about what he does and I absolutely LOOVVEEE  his music. Before he came on, A Great Big World also performed, and let me just say, they gained a fan! I loved their performance and interaction with the crowd and the guyss can play and sing. I went with my childhood friend, Mercy, she is so great. I don't know who was more excited about this concert between the both of us, hahaha.
This is what I wore, you know going to go see my husband I had to give him something to remember, I'm pretty sure he saw me in the crowd (at least that's what I want my memory to think).
I love this crochet kimono, I purchased it like two months ago, I wish I had more outfits to wear with it. I'm a few steps away from possibly tie dying it just for the sake of adding coloring.
Talk to you guys sooon (: