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July 4, 2014

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Hi Guys!! Sooooo this past week I saw the adorable  and talented Ed Sheeran in concert, I am still trying to process that in my brain. The concert came and went by so fast, I just didn't have time to soak it alll in. He is AMAZINGGG, the guy is passionate about what he does and I absolutely LOOVVEEE  his music. Before he came on, A Great Big World also performed, and let me just say, they gained a fan! I loved their performance and interaction with the crowd and the guyss can play and sing. I went with my childhood friend, Mercy, she is so great. I don't know who was more excited about this concert between the both of us, hahaha.
This is what I wore, you know going to go see my husband I had to give him something to remember, I'm pretty sure he saw me in the crowd (at least that's what I want my memory to think).
I love this crochet kimono, I purchased it like two months ago, I wish I had more outfits to wear with it. I'm a few steps away from possibly tie dying it just for the sake of adding coloring.
Talk to you guys sooon (: