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Your Tights Rock

February 23, 2014

Vintage Dress & Belt |Thrift Store   Shoes |     Hat |F21      Back pack| Fancy Muffin

Hey guys! My first post for the New Year and many more to follow. I have a line up of blog post for you guys. Weekdays can be so busy for me, school seems to consume my life these days. 
This vintage dress is my absolute favorite dress in my closet, of course that will probably change a few post from now, haha. When I originally purchased it, it was a longer length but I hemmed the bottom for a shorter length. My mom got these AWESOME tights for me a while back, and when I say "a while back" I'm talking about high school. I came close many times to giving them away but I knew that one day it will have it's day. I finally got to wear them after years of gathering dusk in my dresser. Never give up on your precious clothing pieces.
I have made a few changes to my blog, including the blog name. Fancy Muffin has now carried over to my online store. I didn't want to mix up things between the site and my blog. Same content plus more just a different name, (Un)Spoken Language. Simply fashion is a silent killer and I pretty much murder the game when I set on the scene, just kidding, hahaha. (Un)Spoken Language derives from the idea that fashion is a silent language, you can communicate so much that represents you in your style and what you wear. 

Its been so cold lately, I can't believe I am saying this, but I think I am looking forward to Spring...?