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January 25, 2015

I am one of those people that shop anywhere and everywhere, I tend to go after sales. In return with being persistent, I end up finding treasures on a budget. 

Shaggy Vest: I got this lovely piece from Boohoo!! I have been wanting a similar to the Free People Faithful Shaggy Jacket, but my pockets aren't that deep yet, haha. Sooo I opted for an inexpensive option and got this one from Boohoo. Although I would have preferred it to have sleeves this one will do for now, I am actually excited to see how I will style it. It would look lovely with bell sleeves.
PacSun: OKAYYY! So this honestly has to be my favorite item for this month. These Bell pants give me some Jimi Hendrix and Fela Kuti fever. I initially saw them on sale online  for $17.99 but only available in a large. I went to the Pacsun the same day to see if they were selling it for that price and had a smaller size and if so, I would get it. I got there and saw my size BUT they were selling it for the original price of $44.99. At this point it was a no brainer, I of course ordered the ones online even though they were like two sizes bigger, that is what sewing machines are for. I also ordered another pair of bell bottoms but they sadly sent me the wrong one which were mid rise and looked nothing like what I had ordered. Plus the pants were mid rise and I'm not about that life, high rise all the way. So I will be returning them. 
Forever21: I am a HAT LADY! I love my brim hats so when I saw this one at Forever 21 I snagged it right away, plus I don't have anything like this color in my wardrobe. 
Lime Crime: Besides being a HAT lady, I am also a LIPSTICK lady. I recently ordered the  Lime Crime Velvetine Salem Matte lip gloss. This is a really nice nude shade for all the Chocolate Queens out there. I am looking forward to showing you guys how it looks on me!

Have a wonderful week ahead, Stay Positive and Keep Good Company! 


  1. Ugh I've been itching for a super shaggy, long fur coat thing and I agree that sleeves are kind of the dream but the gilet nature still works really well.
    Glitter Daiquiri - South African Fashion, Style & Carbs R Our Friends Blog
    PS. High rise pants forever and ever!

  2. Love the vest and that hat. I need to step up my hat game like right now lol.x

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  4. Your style is so unique! I've always wanted to shop at boohoo, they always have cute stuff on there. We should follow each other?

    Excited to hear from you!

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