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About Me

GREETINGS! I am Fei Mancho. A college student majoring in Marketing!

I have been blogging on here since October 2011, I originally started out my personal fashion blog with the name Fancy Muffin, then I eventually ended up opening a clothing online store in July 2013 with that name so I decided to change my blog name to (Un)Spoken Language in 2014. 

(Un)Spoken Language represents the nature of style, you can wear something and not even have to speak because it speaks for its self and makes a statement. Style is used to say "HEYY THIS IS ME and I'm proud."  I use style to embrace who I am, my culture and things that I enjoy. I blog about this life that I am just passing by, my many outfits, etc. 

"I can do all things with Christ whom gives me strength"

Instagram: @FancyMuffin

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